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New Jersey Singles Reviews 7 Bad Habits That Destroy Relationships

Colts Neck matchmaking team from New Jersey Singles Dating Service reviews complaints and habits that can destroy a good relationship.

It is normal to get to a point in your relationship where you both feel very comfortable with one another. However, when you are too comfortable, you begin to neglect friends, your manners, and even your hygiene, but that is when things can quickly go downhill. Here are some of the most common dating complaints from partners that get too comfortable in their relationship. These are the bad habits you must avoid if you want to maintain a happy and successful relationship.


Bad Habit #1- Letting Yourself Go

The more time we spend with our partner, the more comfortable we feel in their presence. When you first met them you probably looked around for the best outfits and always did everything you could to look and act your best, right? Of course you did. However, we know that when partners become too comfortable with one another, their looks take a backseat.

If this is the case with you and your partner, maybe now you both look like one of the crew members of The Walking Dead. Does that sound familiar? While your manners and appearance can inevitably take a less appealing look, it is important to continue to make a conscious effort of still maintaining your manners and your looks no matter how long you’ve been together. You don’t have to walk around your house looking like you just left the salon or like you’re heading to the red carpet, but make an effort to maintain good hygiene and good manners. This will keep your relationship alive for many years.

Bad Habit #2- Being Too Lovey Dovey

It’s not appealing to be constantly texting your partner telling them you love them (just in case they forgot what you told them five minutes ago). You also don’t need to cling to one another’s side because you think you’re too deeply in love. And even if you’re not clingy on a normal basis, you never want to be too lovey dovey in front of friends and family. This type of behavior makes your friends and family squint and actually has a reverse effect on your relationship.

Yes, this is for the lovey dovey ones. All that love and affection might feel great at the beginning, but too much of it can make it feel less special, and then, the only way you can express your love to your partner is by being extremely lovey dovey and pouring your heart out for them, which will get old quickly.

Bad Habit #3- Neglecting Your Friends

Have you ever had a friend who got involved in a relationship, then up and disappeared for months or even years? Well, you don’t want to be that friend. This is something many of us have been guilty of at one point in our lives, but the last thing you want to do as a mature person is neglect your friends because you’re in a new relationship.

No matter how much you love spending time with your new partner, our New Jersey Singles matchmakers know it is important to keep regular contact with your friends. Your pals will remain your pals, even after your relationship comes to an end. In fact, they can keep you grounded when you start getting swept away into a romantic La-La-Land. Spending too much time with your partner can cause you to get bored of each other quickly, and this is a recipe for disaster.


Bad Habit #4- Spending Too Much Money

Whether you’re a shopaholic who can’t get over your addiction to save for the new hardwood floor or you are an addict gambler who is racking up debt and unable to pay your house bills, both scenarios can eventually destroy your relationship. Or, maybe it’s your partner who has the spending problem. If your partner is the one who cannot afford to pay their bills and they are constantly coming to you to help them, you are going to be resentful towards them. Unless you nip it in the bud, things are only going to get worse. Someone who doesn’t know how to manage their finances is going to put a strain on the relationship, and this can cause many types of problems and extra pressure on the relationship.

Bad Habit #5- Bad Mouthing Your Partner

That negative attitude of thinking that “men are all the same” or “women can’t do anything right” really does get imbedded in our brains after a bad relationship. Indeed, both men and women are guilty of trashing each other and falling into gender stereotypes; however, this type of stereotypes can have a bad effect on your relationship.

Bad Habit #6- Avoiding Intimacy

If you have slipped into the bad habit of coming up with excuses for not having sex with your partner, your relationship will quickly head downhill. Intimacy is a major element that keeps a relationship alive. You cannot sit a potted plant in a dark room without water and expect it to live forever. You need to be intimate with each other, not daily but occasionally. Multiple studies back it up that men and women who are intimate with each other can maintain a happy and healthy relationship.

Bad Habit #7- Not Communicating Enough

Does every conversation with your partner turn into a full blown fight? Good communication boils down to learning how to ask for what you need, not expecting it from your partner. At the same time, learning to listen to your partner is also important. Sit down with each other and communicate more. This is especially true for women as many expect their partner’s to be mind readers. For example, if you are exhausted, then ask your partner to go pick up the children. Do not expect them to do so without you asking them.

By avoiding these simple to fall into bad habits, you can rescue your relationship from a spiral trip downhill. It’s really not that difficult, but you need to do it if you want to save your relationship.

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New Jersey Singles Matchmaking Reviews Signs Your Boyfriend Loves You

Today, the professional matchmakers from New Jersey Singles Dating Service review some tell-tale signs your boyfriend is head over heels for you.

Love is like a box of fancy chocolates; it’s exciting and appealing, but how do you know when you find love? How do you know if your boyfriend has fallen in love with you? How do you know he thinks you’re the one? Today, trusted New Jersey Singles matchmakers will review the answers for you so you can figure out whether or not your boyfriend is truly in love with you or if you’re getting ahead of yourself.


1. Boys’ Night Out Is Now Scare

Boys’ nights out are a sacred thing for the male species. These anticipated nights have been around for centuries, nights filled with poker, beer, and plenty of good laughs. Answer this, where was your boyfriend last Friday? Was he at home with you preparing a home cooked meal and watching romantic movies? Once your man bails on guys’ nights, then you know he has caught the love bug.

2. He Doesn’t Have a Problem Opening Up to You

For men, opening up to a woman takes a lot of time and they only do it when the woman is someone they can see themselves with in the future. Because men are not easily able to open up with their emotions, if he is already opening up to you and putting himself in a vulnerable position, it’s because he is already in love with you. If your man has told you about how horrible his boss is, how much he misses his deceased father, or he how much he wishes he could lose his belly fat, he is not just complaining to complain. He’s opening up to you because he trusts you.

3. He Talks about the Future

If you are sitting on your sofa brushing your teeth or preparing a home cooked meal and you suddenly catch your boyfriend with dreamy eyes as he asks you how many children you want to have in the future, you might as well hang up your doubt hat because you’re in luck today. Your boyfriend truly loves you. If your man keeps asking you questions about the future or shares his dreams with you, then chances are he sees you as part of the future or sees you as wife material. Either way, both are good things for you.

4. He Is Affectionate without Asking for Sex

When your boyfriend caresses your head and tells you you’re beautiful, you might think it’s because he wants to get intimate with you. When your man gives you love and affection and doesn’t expect sex in return, he is doing it because he truly loves you. By now, you can rest assured that he’s crossed the lines into love. When a man gives affection without expecting anything from you, it’s because Cupid has struck him right in the heart.

5. He Asks about Your Day

During the time you spend together, does he ask you about your interests? The highs and lows of your day? Does he ask how your yoga class was after work? When your boyfriend starts showing interest in all aspects of your life, our New Jersey matchmakers know that’s a sign of love.


6. He Helps You When You Need Him

As busy as the world is, adding a few extra chores or duties to your day might be the last thing you want to do; however, this isn’t the case for your partner. Whenever you need him to do something for you, he’s right there at your beckon call. Your faucet is leaking, he shows up to fix it. You got a flat tire on the way to work, he shows up to fix it. You had a bad day at the office, he’s right there by your side to lend you his ear. A partner who truly cares will always be there by your side, and this is especially true if you don’t even have to ask him.

7. He Goes to You for Advice

If you are wondering whether or not your boyfriend loves you or just sees you as another fling, pay attention to those times he’s come to you for advice. When men are single, they become very independent and they are the ones in charge of making their own decisions; however, when they get comfortable in a relationship, they give up this independence and begin to take on their woman’s views and opinions.

8. He Cares for You

A man who is truly in love with you will care when good things come your way. He is compassionate when you’re going for tough times, and this man is there for you through the good and the bad. He thinks about you and surprises you with small tokens of affection, even when it isn’t your birthday, Christmas, or any other special day marked on the calendar. He will also challenge you by calling you out on things to help you become a better person.

9. You Are a Priority in His Life

You are constantly on his mind and he maintains contact during the times you don’t see each other. He considers you when making important decisions, when speaking, he uses the word we instead of I, and he always mentions you in future plans.

10. He Is Generous With His Time

He doesn’t let too much time go by without seeing you. When he has free time on his hands, he wants to spend it with you. If he has an extra second at work, he calls you to check up on you. In other words, any time his schedule allows, both of you are together or in contact. You are also together during important holidays.

11. His Actions Meet His Words

Our New Jersey matchmakers know this one is important. Don’t believe a man’s I love you’s if his actions don’t meet his words. However, if his actions meet his words, then you already know he is in love with you. The way a man behaves will tell you everything about how he feels towards you.
If you’re currently single and looking for that special man to share your life with, contact our personal matchmakers here at New Jersey Singles Dating Service today. Let us help you find your Mr. Right!

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New Jersey Singles Dating Reviews Qualities Women Want in a Man

Are you a mature, eligible man in New Jersey? Are you struggling to find a quality woman to settle down with? Our professional matchmakers know dating can be tough, especially if you’ve been out of the dating world for a while. Don’t worry, our matchmaking team is here to help you out!

When it comes to dating the opposite sex, sometimes you get hit with the sudden realization that women really are from Venus and have no resemblance to the type of people who live on Mars. So how can you catch her eye? Today, our New Jersey Singles dating experts will review an insightful matchmaking guide to attracting women. Get ready as we reveal 9 things all women want in a man.


1. Honesty & Loyalty

Prove to her that you are a kind, honest, genuine, and loyal person. But don’t just tell her, demonstrate it to her. Many women have had their share of bad experiences with frogs camouflaged as a princes, and they know how to spot a fake. In fact, once a woman has dated one of these snakes, you can bet she’s going to remember it. And because of that one bad snake she dated, it will be very difficult for her to trust another man again.
Here at New Jersey Singles, we want you to be honest and loyal with her because it will take you a long way in impressing her. If you used to be the player type, it’s time to hang up your hat and be the type of man she wants to date. If you are the one that boasts about your conquests, this will not get you very far with her.

2. A Good Sense of Humor

Okay, now that we got the serious stuff out of the way, it’s now time to bring out the fun stuff. Who doesn’t love a good laughing session with a partner, one that leaves you gasping for air? Everyone knows that women are attracted to a partner that can make them laugh, so don’t be shy. Go ahead and bring your humorous side to the table. Having a good sense of humor can be an aphrodisiac and will intrigue her, leaving her wanting more.

3. Having Ambition

Men with drive, men with goals, men with a desire to get somewhere in life are very attractive to women. Now, no one is suggesting that you need to climb the career ladder at a fast speed so she can consider you ambitious, but you will be more successful with her if you can show her you have passions in life. No woman wants to be in a serious relationship with a man who gets up at noon and doesn’t go to work. If this rings a bell, it’s now time to change. Fill your life with hobbies and interests, new things to talk about, and set new goals for yourself. Identify where you want to be in life and what you’re going to do to make it happen. Women love an ambitious type of man and that’s who you need to be.

4. Having Good Hygiene

This one is a no brainer, yet many men get it wrong. While your rock star looks might have gotten younger women back in your college days, that greasy looking hair, those faded clothing, and that stinky body odor won’t get you a real woman. Remember that every woman is judging you on your appearances. Now, no one is saying that you need to book a spa appointment every week or get your hair professional styled, but the basic hygiene rules need to be practiced daily. Have a shower daily, trim your fingernails, and wear clean clothing. Believe us when we tell you that the old school sloppy look is no longer sexy.

5. Be Dominant & Protective

As much as modern women like to show that they are independent, women are highly attracted to men who are dominant and assertive. This isn’t to say that you need to make her feel intimidated or uncomfortable as no woman likes to be backed into a corner; however, what you need to do is show her you can take charge whenever a situation arises. You need to show her you are protective. As much as you are probably scared of that huge spider in the kitchen, you need to suck it up and handle it for her.

6. Being Present

There is something about a man who is present that women just find to be irresistible. There is no getting around this, it’s the real deal. What we mean by present is being able to consciously connect with her. A woman needs to know that a man is present and listening to her. She needs to know that a man is engaged and that he is connected to her. Being present is something you need to practice, it’s something you need to get better at.


7. Intelligence

Here at New Jersey Singles, if there is one thing our matchmakers know, it’s that women are highly attracted to men who are smart and able to hold a deep conversation. When it comes to making important decisions, women expect the man to be in charge of making the moves. Being with an intelligent man reassures a woman that her needs and demands will always be satisfied with great communication and understanding.

8. Chivalry

Who said that chivalry is dead? The truth is, a man who is chivalrous makes women melt. You don’t have to serenade her outside her bedroom or send her roses every week at work; however, what you do need to do is those little gestures like holding doors, helping her cross the street, or even helping her fix things in her apartment. Even though we live in a modern world where women are okay paying half of the bill, we believe it’s the man’s job to handle it, especially at the beginning stages of dating and you invited her out.

9. Having a Life of Your Own

Take it from us, women are not impressed by a man who is clingy or desperate. Coming across this way is actually a huge turn off. Do not look to needy or act too desperate because women can sense a man like this from a mile away. The last thing you want to do is call her every hour or text her too much throughout the day. Be cool and confident and have a life of your own. Hang out with your friends, work out, and get your own hobbies. Having a life of your own will make you more interesting in her eyes.

If you’re not having any luck landing Mrs. Right on your own, contact out dating professionals here at New Jersey Singles Dating Service and let us help you. Let us introduce you to attractive, relationship-ready women who fit your dating criteria. Let us find your Mrs. Right!


NEW JERSEY SINGLES Complaints and Reviews on the Biggest Relationship Mistakes

New Jersey Singles is a trusted matchmaking and dating agency in New Jersey with over two decades of experience helping busy professionals date without the lies, games, and disappointments experienced with conventional ways of dating. Today, their professional matchmaking team is here to put an end to dating and relationship mistakes many singles make, so get ready to listen & learn if you want to find love!

They say that women are from Venus and men are from mars, so it’s no surprise that there are many problems when it comes to coexisting together. The matchmakers from New Jersey Singles Dating Service know there are some key behavioral traits you need to avoid if you want your relationship to survive. Today, the professional matchmakers will review the top complaints and relationships mistakes people make in the dating world. Listen up, so you can avoid making these mistakes in your romantic life.


Relationship Mistake #1- Hoping for a Fairy-Tale

A very common mistake people make in their relationships is treating things like a fairy-tale and flying off the handle when things don’t go as planned. Everyone grew up believing that relationships were all about the perfect man or the perfect woman and, of course, the whole Hollywood love and rescue story thanks to the movie Cinderella, but real life is far from it.

Every relationship is bound to face many problems along the way, and that is to be expected. Expecting a prince in a horse and carriage or a Cinderella-like woman might sound great on paper, but you will be disappointed when things don’t go as planned. Here at New Jersey Singles, we end these kind of complaints by helping our clients reevaluate and adjust their dating and relationship expectations.

Relationship Mistake #2- Cheating

When it comes to the biggest relationship mistake, cheating takes the cake. Once that dirty deed has been done, the relationship will never be the same. If there was cheating in your relationship and you were the victim, you will resent your partner, which is unhealthy for a long term relationship. Cheating isn’t pleasant, and it’s certainly not an ingredient for a happy and healthy relationship. If you’re not happy in your relationship, end it and move on.

Relationship Mistake #3- Not Having Your Own Life

Your relationship should enhance your life, not be the only thing in it. You shouldn’t feel like there is nothing left to do outside of your relationship. One of the most common indicators you don’t have your own life outside of your relationship is if your partner dictates your plans, you don’t get to see your friends and family, or you don’t have your own goals in life. While it’s important to put your relationship on the front burner, you also need to have your own things going on. In other words, you need to have your own life.

Relationship Mistake #4- Snooping Around

Thinking about going through your partner’s cell phone or craving a sneak peek at their Facebook messages? Stop right there! This is by far one of the biggest relationship mistakes that could truly ruin your relationship. Anyone who goes through their partner’s private messages, cell phone, or emails is making their partner feel smothered and as though they cannot be trusted. People who snoop also have a problem of reading in between the lines and blowing things out of proportion. If you feel like you constantly need to check up on your partner’s business, your relationship is headed south. And if you are the one being snooped on, then you need to sit down and talk to your partner about their trust issues.

Relationship Mistake #5- Trying to Change Them

When you first met your partner you were attracted to them because of their personality. Maybe they were laidback and relaxed, which you loved, but now you can’t get them off the sofa to clean up the dishes or take out the trash. It’s common to start resenting the things that first attracted you to your partner as the relationship matures, but either you need to live with it or put an end to your relationship. If not, what’s going to happen is that you’re always going to be nagging them, which is going to make them resent you or push you away. While it might work to have a talk with them, it is up to them to change, not you.

Relationship Mistake #6- Comparing Yourself to Their Ex

Yes, your partner had an ex. Yes, they were intimate in the past. What you must understand is that there is nothing you can do about it now. They promised their love to each other many times, they probably had a good time and were happy together, and you can stew over that for however long you want, but nothing is going to change it. No amount of snide comments or smart remarks are going to change the fact that they had an ex before you. Here at New Jersey Singles, we know one of the worst relationship mistakes you can make is constantly comparing yourself to their ex. Their ex is out of the picture, you are the one in the picture now.


Relationship Mistake #7- Comparing Them to Your Ex

Just like your partner’s ex has nothing to do with you, your ex shouldn’t have anything to do with them. It is unfair to your partner to secretly compare them to your ex, especially if you’re still harboring some secret feelings towards them. You know how insulting it feels when someone compares you to someone they dated before, so there is no reason for doing the same to them.

Relationship Mistake #8- Poor Communication

One of the biggest dating complaints is poor communication. You need to speak the truth and in an appropriate manner. Many people make the mistake of avoiding an argument and letting it stew instead of solving it. You need to be able to talk to your partner about everything without holding back because this is how relationships succeed.

Relationship Mistake #9- Being Too Clingy

Everyone needs their own personal space. If you love your partner, then you should be able to trust them and give them their own space. You never want to intrude every second of their life. After all, just because you are in a relationship, it doesn’t give you the right to take over their life. Don’t make your partner feel suffocated or make them regret their decision of being in a relationship with you.

Relationship Mistake #10- Extreme Jealousy

Happy relationships should never have the element of jealousy. You love your partner, so you’re not supposed to be jealous if they have a better job than you or if they have more friends than you do. You are supposed to be the partner that makes them better in life, not the one who makes everything out to be a competition. Your partner will do everything in their power to make you a better person and you should do the same.
If you’re currently single and looking for your Mr. or Mrs. Right, contact our matchmakers here at New Jersey Singles Dating Service and let us help you on your search!

New Jersey Singles Dating Service Reviews the Perks of Dating an Intelligent Partner

Should you date someone smart, or should you be the smarter one in the relationship? Today, our professional matchmakers here at New Jersey Singles will review the many benefits of dating someone smart.

Dating a very smart person can be a double edged sword. You get the perks of having a partner with a high IQ, but you can be subject to many disadvantages when dating someone who is a lot smarter than you. Confused whether it’s a good or bad thing? Today, our New Jersey matchmakers will review the perks of dating someone with a higher IQ than you.

Let’s face it, intelligence is a very attractive quality when it comes to dating, and to be honest, we know that being good looking can take a backseat to dating someone smart. More and more people are choosing their partners based on how they can hold a conversation rather than their looks. So let’s get to it and figure out the many benefits that come along with dating a smarter person. That’s right, we don’t want you to feel intimidated by dating someone who is smarter than you. Relax, it’s a good thing!


How Do You Know They Are Smarter Than You?

What makes a person smart? Is it because they can achieve the best scores or is it their ability to analyze a problem and handle it efficiently? No one can judge a person based on those things alone. You need to go through many different checks and be checked by a psychologist in order to figure out your exact IQ; however, knowing a person well enough helps you determine whether they are smart or not. Growing up with someone can tell you a lot about their intelligence, high grades, and achievements can also tell you their level of intelligence. If they have a three digit IQ, then you know they are on the genius scale.

The Perks of Dating a Smarter Person

The advantages outweigh the disadvantages when it comes to dating a smarter person solely because they can make you a better person. That’s right, they can help you improve yourself, and you can grow with them. There are many things to consider when dating someone smarter than you, and today, our New Jersey matchmakers will review all of them for you.

1. They Can Help You Solve Problems Quickly

It’s not just their intelligence that gives them the edge when it comes to handling problems. By taking the position of the smarter partner, they will often take on the role of solving all the problems in the relationship. Although they might not get it 100% right every single time, you can rest assured they will be the one handling the problems face on and helping you learn to do the same.

2. You Can Ask Them Any Question & They’ll Have the Answer

Dating a smarter person is like dating a Google search engine bar. Aside from knowing a lot about a plethora of different things, smart people tend to work harder to help you with information as well. When they are feeling like their intelligence has been challenged, they will study so they can learn new things and be up to date with the latest so they can answer any future question that comes their way.

3. Having Them Around Makes You a Smarter Person

It is human nature to compete with those around us and in a relationship it’s no difference. Instead of being angry at your partner for being smarter than you, you will use the situation to become a better person because their intelligence will rub off on you and make you want to improve yourself.

4. You Don’t Need a Calculator

Smart people have a calculator imbedded in their head.
Let’s face it, as adults in the modern tech world, we have forgotten to solve simple problems without turning to our computers, tablets, and handy dandy smartphones. Smart people don’t need to check their computers or smart phones, they can figure out the bill or other math problems in a few quick seconds.


5. You Will Learn New Things with Them

Our New Jersey matchmakers know that smart people have an appetite for learning, and that’s good for you. Whether it’s about learning a new quirk, learning about the stock market, or learning a new language, smart people love learning new things, and what they love even more is sharing them with their partner.

6. You Are Safe in Their Presence

A smart person can walk you step by step helping you out of a bad spot or helping you solve a problem to get you out of a jam. Smart people have the capacity to think quickly on their feet and this is why they come in very handy in the case of an emergency.

7. Your Parents Will Love Them

It’s easy to overlook tattoos or piercing if your boyfriend or girlfriend has the mind of Shakespeare, wouldn’t you agree?

8. You’ll Have Smart Children

Who doesn’t want to have smart children? Evidence suggests that if a child is nurtured in a smart environment, they will be smart as well.

Smart or not, your partner is someone you’ll have to spend time with or live with on a daily basis, so you need to appreciate them for the good things they bring to the table. Although sometimes people who are smart can get a little edgy, you need to be there by their side. Every relationship consists of two different people who have their own talents, skills, and attributes, and as you can tell, dating a smarter person definitely has its perks.
However, you shouldn’t feel threatened by dating someone who is a lot smarter than you. Just because your partner is able to solve problems faster than you or has a triple digit IQ doesn’t make you any lesser of a person than them. As long as both of you love each other on the same level, your relationship will continue to thrive regardless of who is smarter than who.

If you’re currently single and looking to settle down with an intelligent, mature, relationship-ready man or woman, contact our professional matchmakers here at New Jersey Singles Dating Service today. Let us help you find your ideal match today!

Flirting Tips for Men from Colts Neck Matchmakers

The way you carry yourself matters more to a woman more than anything else you can do. New Jersey Singles complaints often stem from the lack of flirting techniques in the confusing dating world. Today, our Colts Neck matchmakers here at New Jersey Singles Dating Service will review the essential flirting tips every man must know.

Most women want a man who approaches them and flirts, but at the same time, they are fed up with men approaching them. Doesn’t make any sense, right? Well, here at New Jersey Singles, our matchmakers know it makes perfect sense. Of course women want nice gentlemen to approach and flirt with them; however, most men are doing it wrong. They’re either coming off too cocky or being disrespectful, and that’s precisely why women are fed up with these approaches.

Don’t confuse what these guys do with the right way of flirting. There is a huge difference between screaming, “Hey, baby,” or using a corny pickup line and striking up a normal conversation. If you treat a woman with respect, she’ll be much more open to getting to know you. It’s pretty logical and easy to understand yet many men don’t seem to get it.

Essential Flirting Tips for Men

No matter where you are, good flirting will have the same basic rules. Understand the following and you will be successful with women.


1. You Must Do It Right

Most men have some type of shyness when it comes to approaching women. Fear of rejection is a powerful emotion, but you need to learn to overcome it. If you approach a woman in a polite manner, things well should go well for you. You just need to build up your courage and do it.

She is her own person and she has to decide whether or not she wants to talk to you, so don’t feel like you’re entitled to her time. She might or might not be interested in talking to you; after all, she might have had a bad day for all you know. If she rejects you, you still need to be polite about it. A real man knows how to handle rejection without becoming bitter. If you approach her with the right type of attitude, chances are she will engage you in conversation.

2. Make Eye Contact

The best way to get a woman’s attention and find out if she’s interested is by eye contact. Don’t stare too long and stop ogling. There is a fine line between being smooth and coming off as a creep.

3. Perfect Your Smile

You’re probably chuckling to yourself at this one, but there is nothing wrong with practicing your smile in front of the mirror. There are a lot of ways you can subtly smile, and if you can get yours down, it will definitely help you when flirting. Everyone has their own way of doing it; your smile can be shy, confident, or mysterious. Find out which one works for you and use it to your advantage.

4. The Right Approach

After the two of you have exchanged smiles or locked eye contact, it’s now time to make your approach. Don’t make a big buzz about it. It’s not like the movies; there isn’t any song playing in the background, there are no slow motion movements, and there isn’t anyone watching you. Just get out there and do it. Oh, and please forget those cheesy pickup lines. Are you ready for it? A simple introduction will take you a long way.

5. Be a Good Listener

The biggest mistake men make when talking to a woman is talking excessively, especially in regards to themselves. Show interest in her and ask her open-ended questions.

6. Touch Her Appropriately

By all means, you can touch her. But obviously, this must be done in an appropriate and respectful way. Ask her about a ring she is wearing or perhaps a bracelet. If she is wearing interesting nail polish, that could also be a good opener. If you’re walking down the street crossing the road, you can help her by the arm as she’s stepping down the curb with an arm full of bags. If you are walking into a restaurant, open the door for her and guide her in.


7. Show Interest in Her

Our Colts Neck matchmakers know this is the most important part of flirting and the one that most men get wrong. It’s not about listening, it’s about engaging her, maintaining eye contact, and never interrupting her. Avoid checking out the hot waitress, your cell phone, or other people around. Keep all your focus on her and she’ll be focused on you.

8. Good Jokes

Humor is always a good icebreaker. Good jokes can make the conversation as long as they’re not done in a creepy or disrespectful way. If you’re lucky and happen to be a naturally funny guy, play it up and use it to your advantage.

9. Follow Up with Her

You don’t know where the conversation can come to an end and one of you will have to get up and leave. And we all know there is nothing worse than meeting someone you like and all of the sudden they have to leave without you getting their phone number. Find something in common and use it to your advantage later. There are a few simple ways you can do this. For example, if you are talking about your favorite music, you can invite her to a concert. If you were talking about Indian food, you can invite her to go out to eat with you at the best Indian restaurant in town.

10. Always Smile

The smile you use before your approach is very important, but it’s just as important while you’re talking to her. Nothing can kill flirting faster than looking serious or bored. Be sure to engage her, keep things light, and always smile.

11. Take the Lead and Make Plans

When you are trying to arrange a date with her, don’t hesitate or ask her where to go. Most women like a man who is in charge. You should always have a few places you could take her or other type of date ideas. Try picking something out of the ordinary where most men would not take her. The most important thing is to already have a place in mind. Asking her if she would like to go for Italian food sometime is less effective than inviting her to your favorite Italian restaurant.

Keep the above flirting tips from our Colts Neck matchmakers and start practicing your flirting. You’ll see that it’s not as hard as people make it out to be.

If you’re struggling to meet relationship-minded women in Colts Neck, contact our matchmaking professionals here at New Jersey Singles Dating Service today. Let us do the hard work of scouting and screening for you!

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Hackensack Matchmaking Service Reviews Simple Ways to Save Money as a Couple

When it comes to New Jersey Singles complaints for real daters, we know that money is often the root of all problems. It’s also the main cause for breakups and divorce. Today, our New Jersey matchmakers have put together some simple ways to save money as a couple without compromising your everyday life. Use these helpful tips from our Hackensack matchmaking team and you’ll see a difference in no time.

With the prices of everything going up, stagnant salaries, and the increase of living and all other financial things, it is impossible not to put yourself on a budget and save money. Middleclass couples across New Jersey are struggling to find a balance between living comfortable and having money left in their bank account, and we want to help you learn to budget without all the tension and stress in your relationship.


The Role Money Plays in Our Lives

Whether you’re single, in a relationship, or raising a family, there is no denying that money plays an important role in your life. It will either make or break the plans you have made for those you care for.
It’s known that young couples today find it very difficult to save money in comparison to those from previous generations. And this comes as no surprise since everything today is more expensive than it was years ago.

Helpful Ways to Start Saving Money

No one wants to miss out on important things like getting married, buying a house, and raising a family. Couples all over the world are coming up with unique ideas to start saving money without compromising their lifestyles so they can enjoy those wonderful life events. But even with two incomes it can be very difficult to have it all, and this is why our Hackensack matchmaking experts here at New Jersey Singles Dating Service have the answer to help you out.

1. Make the Gift

Why spend a lot of money on conventional gifts when you can make something on your own that comes from your heart? Sadly, we live in a world where every holiday is marketed to gift giving; from birthdays, Valentine’s, Christmas, and wedding anniversaries, every special occasion requires a gift.

When did ‘the bigger the gift’ become ‘more love’? Gifts that come from your heart, no matter who made them, are the ones that mean the most. So whether it’s by creating a collage, writing a poem, or making something by hand, you simply can’t go wrong.

2. Cook Frequently

Another clever way to save money as a couple is to prepare meals together. Even the less expensive restaurants are expensive and can add up quickly. Does it make sense to pay so much money for meals and drinks when you can make everything at home for a fraction of the cost?

Also, remember to stay away from fast food joints because as quick and cheap as they are, they can really add up fast. Plus, unhealthy food isn’t good for you. Our Hackensack matchmaking experts recommend you start cooking healthy meals together at home. If you are pressed for time, you can set a day aside where you prepare meals for the entire week. Bonus: This allows for quality time together in the kitchen.

3. Shop Generic

Another great way to save money as a couple is to shop generic. Most of the time, there isn’t really that much of a difference when it comes to quality anyway. This is especially true for non-perishables like paper towels, light bulbs, soaps, and kitchen cleaners. Nowadays, they make generic brands for just about everything. Save on your grocery bill by going generic instead.


4. Become Green

Literally, go green. Save money on decorative things like expensive candles, ornaments, and overpriced knickknacks. Instead, our Hackensack matchmaking experts recommend you buy plants. There are plenty of plants that make for beautiful decorative items around your house. Not to mention, they’ll really liven things up.

5. Have Parties at Home

Yes, you can still maintain your social life on a budget. Factor in gas, parking, dinner, and drinks and you’re going to spend a few hundred over the weekend just for a night out on the town. Save money by entertaining at home. Host a small get together where each couple brings a dish or a bottle of liquor. You can even make it fun by making it a theme night. Hey, the possibilities are endless with this one!

6. Keep Track of Your Money

The simplest way for a couple to save money is by keeping track of your every single expense, from groceries, nights out, gas, and everything in between, it must be written down. Have a compartment in your wallet or purse where you keep your weekly receipts and add them up at the end of the week. Write down how much you spend a week and on what, then figure out if you can make any cuts.

7. Figure out a Budget

Once you have determined how much money you spend on surviving every month, now figure out how much your budget will be. You will be surprised at how much will power you have once you figure out how much you are allowed to spend. This will help you cut back on unnecessary items like the third pair of loafers or your biweekly mani and pedi. Oh, and don’t’ forget those Starbucks trips in the morning.

8. Set Realistic Goals

Sit down with your partner and talk to them about creating a realistic saving goal. It’s known that if a couple wants to save, they should at least put 20% of their salary away. Believe us, this is something you should do too. No matter how tight your finances are, you should always have something saved for a rainy day.

Sometimes, it’s the little changes in your daily life that will make a difference in the long run. If you and your partner are having a difficult time holding onto money and are living paycheck to paycheck, try these brilliant moneysaving ideas our Hackensack matchmaking experts have just revealed with you. Trust us, in no time, you’ll start seeing a difference, a difference in your bank account and your relationship together, the place where it matters. You’ll also notice the stress and tension in your relationship is cut down as well since money is one of the main causes of relationship issues. Now, what are you waiting for? Start saving today!

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New Jersey Singles Dating Service with Must Know Tips for Couples

Contrary to popular belief, having a successful relationship isn’t that difficult. In fact, all it takes is a few habits you can do daily. And today, our New Jersey matchmakers here at New Jersey Singles Dating Service will share what you need to do to have that successful relationship everyone envies, a long lasting and meaningful relationship for years to come.

The secret to a successful relationship isn’t to have sex every day. Although, there are other little things you can do daily to ensure the longevity of your relationship. The secret is creating healthy habits that allow you to constantly reinforce how much you love each other. Of course the foundation of a healthy relationship will always be trust, respect, and understanding, but these things develop over time. The bond you and your significant other share by doing little things each day is what makes a truly successful relationship.

These seemingly trivial things are actually essential things you need to do if you want to have a successful relationship. So let’s not waste another second, find out what little habits you need in order to cultivate a happy and healthy relationship.

What Daily Habits You Need to Have a Successful Relationship

We know you’ve seen them, and we’ve seen them too, those happy couples and all those little things they do with one another. Well, those are the things you need to do in your own relationship. So let’s get to them!


1. Having Activities of Your Own

When you think of a successful relationship, the first thing that might come to your mind is two people cuddling and laughing together. But in reality, a happy relationship is one where two people have their own hobbies and interests outside of the relationship. Here at New Jersey Singles, we know that having different interests and sharing their insights with one another helps both partners expand their horizons. Sounds complicated? Actually, it’s very simple.

Take a couple where the woman’s hobby is exercising while the guy is into sports cars. When they talk to each other, they can both mention little aspects of their interests, and because of it, both partners will gain knowledge on that topic. It’s like a daily dose of learning in a fun and relaxed way.

2. Showing Appreciation Daily

Simply telling your partner thank you can be enough to make them feel loved and appreciated. Sounds simple, right? Well, it is! Sometimes, you can even make your partner feel better by giving them a small treat. For instance, when your partner cleans the house on Friday, you can reward them with their favorite home cooked meal at the end of the night.

You can even add a little appreciation whenever asking your partner to do something for you. Instead of telling your partner to paint the hallway, say, “Honey, I would really love it if you could paint the hallway for me. It would make me very happy.” Simply changing around your words will have a huge impact in how your partner feels and how they respond.

3. Allow Your Partner to Vent

From time to time, your partner might be handling too much stress. In times like this, don’t nag them. Instead, be a little more empathetic with them. Sometimes, your partner needs someone that can listen to their problems. Letting off the steam and having you by their side will be enough to help them relieve their stress. And let’s face it, the less stress your relationship has, the better it will be. Whenever you notice your partner is stressed out, be empathetic with them and let them know they’re not alone. Our New Jersey Singles matchmakers know this will solidify your relationship since the two of you are facing tough times together.

4. Go the Extra Mile

Going through the motions as a couple is okay, but adding just a little bit of efforts will make a huge difference. This will show your partner that you haven’t settled and aren’t getting too comfortable in the relationship. Instead, it shows your partner that you love them and are putting in efforts, efforts like you’ve always done.

One simple way you can do this is by adding romantic gestures. Instead of making them their usual breakfast, why don’t you make them a heart shaped pancake and add a little romantic note. When your partner gets home after a long day at the office, you can even offer to give them a little back massage. And when the budget allows, go ahead and surprise them with a small gift or night away at a cozy bed and breakfast.


5. Don’t Try to Change Them

If you try to change your partner for the better, it might come off as criticism or a sign that you’re not happy with them. If there is something you wish to change about your partner, don’t force them. Instead, our New Jersey Singles matchmakers want you to show them that by changing one of their bad habits they’re doing it for themselves and not for you.

For instance, you might want your partner to become healthier. At first, you might think the solution is throw away all his beer, all her candies, and all their unhealthy snacks. But then, your partner is going to feel like they’re being punished. Wouldn’t you? Instead, show them a new culinary world of delicious and lean foods. In time, they will like the new types of foods you’re introducing them to much better than the processed junk they were eating. Small gradual changes are great.

6. Do a Little Reminiscing

Do you remember where the two of you met? What were the first words you said to each other? What made you fall in love with them? Even if you know the story like the back of your hand, it never hurts to reminisce and mention it from time to time. What this does is reminds you why you’re in a relationship with each other.

It’s not the big gestures that bring couples together and keeps them alive; as you can tell, it’s just the little things that make a relationship strong. Keep doing these daily habits and your relationship will last an eternity.
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Hackensack Dating Service Reviews How to Properly Meet the Parents

All too often, at New Jersey Singles Dating Service complaints and reviews stem from the sticky situation of meeting the parents.

Sooner or later you’re bound to meet the parents. What should you wear? What topics should you discuss? How should you behave? And what should you take if you’re going to their house?

Today, an expert matchmaker from New Jersey Singles dating service will reveal everything there is to know about making a good first impression when you meet the parents for the first time.

When it comes to meeting your partner’s family, you’ll probably be nervous like everyone who has been there before. There is a good chance that you’ll be so nervous that you forget certain things you have planned and arranged. This is very normal, and everyone freaks out a little when meeting the parents; after all, it is a big step in a relationship.

Now, your understandable nervousness doesn’t mean that you have a pass and don’t have to prepare yourself. You don’t want them to think you were not ready or that you don’t know how to behave in social situations. If you want to leave them with a good impression of you, then you need to follow these helpful rules. Get ready as our Hackensack dating experts here at New Jersey Singles Dating Service review how to properly meet the parents.


1. Dress for the Occasion

The first impression you give them will be the one they remember forever. Even if that impression goes down south, that’s what you’ll be stuck with. That is why it’s very important that the clothes you choose to wear when you meet them are the right type of clothing; after all, your appearance will be the first thing that notice.
While you might think your ripped up jeans are a fashion statement or that your revealing skirt is the right choice, our Hackensack dating experts know it’s bound to give the wrong impression. Anything that is a club type of outfit should not be worn when meeting the parents. The best look you can choose is casual, something you would normally wear to the office or to a business meeting. Women, don’t wear revealing outfits; men, don’t wear torn up or raggedy clothes. Wear something nice, casual, and relaxed. Also, ladies, don’t overdo it with the hairspray or makeup, and men, don’t drown yourself in cologne.

2. Be Polite with Them

This tip goes without saying, but you should always be polite when meeting your partner’s parents. Remember that they are judging you on everything you do, and that means you need to remember your manners and say please and thank you when needed. Be respectful of everyone who is present and their traditions, even if you are not familiar with them. If the family decides to say a prayer before eating, then go ahead and follow their lead. You need to keep in mind that you’re in their home and you must follow their rules. If things go well between you and your boyfriend or girlfriend, you will soon be following the same traditions.

3. Eat the Food Served

Mothers take offense when they take a lot of time preparing a meal and no one eats it, so make sure you make a good impression by trying everything she has offered you. Thank her for the food she is making you and eat it even if you’re not hungry at the moment. No one is saying you have to go back for seconds or thirds, just simply eat the meal in front of you.

On another note: If the meal is homemade, then be sure to let her know how good it was. All moms love this kind gesture.

4. Laugh & Go Along with Their Jokes

If there is something that always happens at family get togethers, it’s those corny family jokes. Now, even though we might not always get them, the parents do, and sometimes, at their attempts of making us laugh, they fail. But guess what? You’re in their house and it’s your job to go along with them. Now, this doesn’t mean you need to laugh like you’re at a comedy show, just simply smile or giggle along.

Speaking of conversation, our Hackensack dating experts don’t want you to engage in any topic that can be controversial. This means no politics, religion, or sex talk. You want to refrain from talking about anything that could ignite a debate. If they ask you for your political or social opinion, answer it vaguely but do not delve into it.


5. Don’t Speak Too Much

Now, we all have a tendency of speaking a lot when we’re feeling nervous, and you want to talk while you’re with them, but the last thing you want to do is dominate the entire conversation. You need to ask your partner’s parents questions and let them answer them without treating it like a job interview. Watch how they speak and adapt to their style accordingly. If you notice the family is conservative, don’t speak too much or voice strong opinions. If the family is more open, then you can feel free to join in but do it respectfully.
You need to remember that you don’t know them yet, so you need to watch how you express yourself in front of them.

6. Don’t Smoke

Even if you are a regular smoker, our Hackensack dating experts don’t want you to smoke. Wait until you have gotten to know the entire family before you ever light up a cigarette. First, you need to understand that it’s rude to smoke a cigarette in someone else’s house. For all you know, they could have allergies or lung problems, so never assume it’s okay to smoke.

Another reason you don’t want to smoke is because parents assume that people who smoke are promiscuous or rebellious. Remember that you are a modern woman or gentleman, and the last impression you want to give them is a bad one. Now, if both parents go outside to smoke, then feel free to join them but never take the lead. Don’t ever smoke in their house, even if they do.

We know meeting the parents can be a nerve-wracking big step in a relationship, but as long as you follow these helpful tips from our matchmakers here at New Jersey Singles Dating Service, you should be just fine.
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