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Tips for Dating an Older Man by Paramus Matchmakers

Here at New Jersey Singles Dating Service, we know the dating world can be very unpredictable. When it comes to dating men, there is never any telling who you’ll click with, and eventually in your dating career, you might come across a man who is a little bit older than you. If you are in a relationship with an older man, there are very important rules you must keep in mind to have a healthy and long lasting relationship.

Today, our Paramus Matchmakers here at New Jersey Singles Dating Service will reveal helpful tips to date an older man. These tips will ensure your relationship gets off to a happy and healthy start.


1. Get to Know Him on a Deeper Level

This tip goes without saying. There are men in the dating world who love nothing more than having a younger woman in their arms, and this is why older men are often stereotypically classified as wanting younger women solely for the thrill. While this might be true for some older men, our Paramus matchmakers know you cannot judge all of them based on this. However, before getting too emotionally invested with one, make sure he is on the same page as you.

2. Get His Opinion

Since older men will have a broader perspective in life (because they have more experience), you can ask him anything. For instance, you could ask him for career advice, money management tips, etc. Additionally, older men will enjoy this type of conversation with you. By asking his insight on important decisions you’re struggling with, he will not only be able to give you his insight, but he’ll feel appreciated in the process.

3. Learn to Be Patient

One of the biggest allures for younger women who are dating older men is the fact that older men are already established in life. While you might initially melt over his fancy house, his over the top career, or red sports car, you will quickly learn he needs to work hard in order to maintain those things. This means he will not be able to spend every second with you. If you want the relationship to be successful, then you must be patient and understanding of his time. Don’t whine if he can’t go out on a Wednesday night date with you because he has a work presentation the next day or an important client meeting.

4. Be Spontaneous with Him

While this tip applies to any type of relationship, our Paramus Matchmakers know it is especially important when dating an older man. With so many thing to do, especially during the fall season, you want to be as spontaneous as possible. Try to stay away from the typical dinner and movie dates and try different date night ideas. It could be something like going wine tasting together, pumpkin picking, or even for a fall picnic in the park. Keeping him on his toes will keep the relationship exciting.

5. Don’t Remind Him of the Age Gap

If you both agree on going out, you have to get over the age gap the two of you have. If you keep mentioning it, you will come off as insecure and insensitive. Yes, he might be older than you by five or ten years, but that shouldn’t make any difference in the relationship. Our Paramus Matchmakers know that putting too much focus on the age difference can cause many conflicts. Instead, focus solely on the relationship and forget about the age. Figure out what both of you can learn from each other.

6. Understand That He Is Set in His Ways

Just like they say you can never teach an old dog new tricks, the same rules often apply to men. You might find that he is already set in his ways in comparison to the younger men you’re used to dating. Older men have been around the block and know what works and what doesn’t, so you need to accept the way he does certain things or at least try to find a happy medium.


7. Enjoy the Conversations

If there is one thing that attracts younger women to older men, it’s the fact that they can carry on an intelligent conversation. This is your chance to talk to him about things you normally wouldn’t talk about with your friends. He has a lot of experience, he’s already bought a house, he has a 401K, and he travels the world. These are the type of things older men love talking about and this is your chance to learn.

8. Don’t Treat the Relationship Differently

Even if your relationship is not being accepted by friends and family members, don’t let it get to you. No matter how large or small the age gap is, the fact is, the two of you love each other. Don’t let this age gap become a factor in your relationship, and treat it like you would any other relationship.

9. Realize There May Be Children

Before things get very serious and you involve yourself emotionally, you need to find out if there are children in the picture. If he has children, you must know that they will play a huge role in his life. This means you will have to take a backseat on many occasions, and this may also mean a lingering ex, so make sure you’re okay with the situation before you take things to the next level.

10. Be Willing to Talk about the Past

When you are dating an older man, you might realize that a lot of the things he talks about are from the past but in a smart way. If he asks you about past dating experiences or relationships you were in, don’t be shy and share them with him. Older men are more interested than their younger counterparts, and he might be asking you questions so he can get to understand you better.

11. Always Be Yourself

Last but not least. An important tip you need to follow when dating an older man is to always be yourself. Don’t try to change yourself into a mold of what he wants or needs. He is clearly dating you for a reason and that is because you are unique. Don’t change yourself for anyone.

If you’re currently single and looking to meet like-minded, quality singles in NJ, contact our matchmaking experts here at New Jersey Singles Dating Service and let us help introduce you to great partners.

Plainfield Matchmakers Teach You How to Bring Out the Best in Your Partner

New Jersey Singles dating and relationship experts let you in on the secrets you must know to fully support and grow with your partner.

You’re at the point in your life where you want to find the right partner, the one person you plan to spend the rest of your life with. The two of you are very close with each other, you love spending every second together, and the love continues to grow each day. You love seeing your partner succeed in life and want to help them improve in anything they can. If you are looking for some helpful tips to bring out the best in your partner, you found them. Today, our Plainfield matchmakers here at New Jersey Singles Dating Service will teach you some helpful tips.


1. Know Him Well

Clearly you love a lot of things about your man and there is a special reason why the two of you are together, and in order for you to bring out the best in him, you have to dig down and find his best qualities. What do you think are the best qualities about him? Maybe he spoils you to death, maybe he is career-oriented, or maybe he is family driven and a good talker. Recognize these qualities and always remember to encourage him to continue with these traits.

2. Show Him Your Best Side

Showing him your best side will make him want to show you his as well. When you are showing your man your very best qualities, your man is much more likely to return with his. It’s just like with emotions, if one day you’re feeling sad, then your man is bound to feel sad. Our Plainfield matchmakers want you to put your best foot forward because that aura you put out will be returned to you.

3. Don’t Judge Him

When you don’t see the best qualities in your man, it’s easy to become to become judgmental, and while you might not mean to be hurtful, it can come out that way. Don’t focus on little things that aren’t important. Remember that those are just minor annoyances. You should know that deep down your man is great, even with those little quirks or annoying habits.

4. Communicate Openly with Him

Communication is essential in a relationship, and it’s also important if you want to bring out the best in your partner. You need to communicate openly and honestly with him. When you’re upset or down, pick your words wisely before you express yourself to him. Words can have a huge impact, so remember that the way you say them can take a toll on your relationship as well as on him. You need to relax, be calm, and always use a filter when you speak.

5. Be a Good Listener

Just like you want to be able to communicate openly, you also want to be a good listener. When you are not doing the talking, make sure you are listening carefully to everything your partner is saying. Listening is just as important as speaking, especially when you’re trying to work out a problem in the relationship. Our Plainfield matchmakers don’t ever want you to speak over him; listen and speak when it’s your turn.

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6. Show Him You’re Attentive

Time goes quickly and before you know it, years have gone by. Work, school, and other things can be very time consuming. Do you remember the last time you and your man had a good time together? You know the good old saying to stop and take a minute to smell the roses? Well, apply it to your relationship. Be attentive and appreciate everything your man does for you; savor the moments as they will go by quickly.

7. Show Empathy

A lot of times, when we are trying to bring out the best in our partner we tend to focus all of our energy on the negative things. But instead of fixating on the negative things, you need to show empathy towards your partner and make sure they feel listened to and understood. Being empathetic with him shows that you’re willing to listen and put yourself in his shoes.

8. Work as a Couple

We all have flaws, and while you love your man for who he is and he loves you for who you are, we can all improve ourselves somehow. The best of both of you can be brought out by working together as a team. Maybe you can’t communicate too well when you’re feeling angry or maybe your man goes to the room when he’s had a bad day at the office; however, together, working as a team, you can overcome these flaws and fix them to improve yourselves and your relationship together.

9. Respect Each Other

Having mutual respect in a relationship goes a long way. When you respect each other, you will feel more comfortable and you’ll be able to confide in one another. Respect is always a key element to a happy and long lasting relationship. Without respect, no relationship will ever survive.

10. Learn His Language

We all speak in a certain tone of voice when we’re feeling a certain way, so things will become easier in your relationship when you’re able to pick up on your man’s lingo and he is able to understand yours. Women and men express their feelings and thoughts differently, so it’s key you’re able to pick up on how he is feeling. If you want his best side to show, our Plainfield matchmakers encourage you to take time to learn his words and tone and pick up on his body language cues.

11. Give Him Praises

Praising your man will go a long way in making his best side come out and stay out for the remainder of your relationship. There is nothing more rewarding than being told you’ve done something right, and it will feel especially great when it’s coming from the most important woman in his life, you. This goes along with supporting him with anything he embarks on as well. Go ahead and praise him in public and in private.

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Colts Neck Matchmaking Service Reviews Relationship Baggage

All bad relationships tend to leave us feeling angry and resentful. When it comes to relationships, there is nothing worse than having a partner cheat on you, getting hit with a blindsided breakup, or being told that it’s not your fault, it’s theirs. Whatever the case may be, now is the time to reflect on all your emotional baggage and how it is preventing you from being successful at dating.

Today, our Colts Neck matchmaking experts here at New Jersey Singles will review signs you’re carrying emotional baggage, and we’ll teach you ways you can check it at the door.


1. You Don’t Trust Anyone

After being burnt by your ex-partner, you’re bound to feel like you cannot trust anyone. Maybe you are not as quick to jump into a new relationship or maybe it really takes a lot of time for you to trust a new partner. Our Colts Neck matchmaking experts know that trust issues can affect you for a very long time, and this is especially true if you were very close to your ex. If that is the case, then you are likely to be carrying around a lot of relationship baggage full of trust issues.

2. You Compare the Past & the Present

This one goes above and beyond the lack of trust. When you start comparing your past lovers to your present ones, there is definitely something wrong in your romantic picture. Maybe certain things your new partner does remind you of your ex, quickly putting you in a bad mood, but you have to remember they’re not the same person. Don’t let similarities destroy the chances of creating a good relationship with someone new.

3. You Have Become Paranoid

You don’t have to be wearing a strait jacket to be paranoid, and after being involved in a bad relationship and experiencing a bad breakup, it’s plenty okay to be suspicious about new partners. Being burnt in the past will definitely cause you to become a more cautious dater and have you lacking in trust in new people, but being paranoid can also show itself in other things. You may become needy, clingy, and invade your partner’s space, things that are not good for a happy and healthy relationship. If you become paranoid about your partner, they will get fed up with it because no one likes to feel like they’re under surveillance all the time.

4. You Don’t Want to Commit

Now, because of your previous relationship, you are afraid of getting involved in new ones, and you refuse to get serious even if the person you’re dating shows you all the signs they will be a good partner. When clearly you don’t want to be single but you won’t make the commitment, it’s your relationship baggage that is preventing you.

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5. It Shows

Relationship baggage can show itself in your emotions, causing you self-doubt, and since you already see the worst in yourself, you might begin to notice it in other people too. For example, you might feel like the person you’re talking to is judging you the same way your ex used to judge you, and this will make you defensive and unable to open up to them. Baggage and false assumptions go hand in hand.

6. You Have Created Walls

Everyone has walls, but people who carry relationship baggage make them impossible for anyone to climb. If you want to be able to land a successful relationship, you must be willing to bring down those walls. Keeping your emotions and thoughts away from your partner can quickly damage your relationship. Our Colts Neck matchmaking experts want you to think about all the things you’re keeping away from your partner and figure out why you’re doing it. We think it’s time you get that off your chest.

7. You’re Always in a Bad Mood

When it comes to dating and relationships, you cannot even think about it. You’re very sickened by the idea of getting into a new relationship because you think you’re going to get hurt again. You have now taken the hurt or get hurt type of attitude. Bitterness after a tough breakup is expected, but that bitterness should not last very long. If you continue to be bitter, you will not be able to land a new partner.

How to Put an End to Your Baggage

1. Learn to Put It Past You

Before you can ever move on from that big baggage you carry, you must first make a choice to let it go. Think about all the lessons you have learned from your relationship and use them accordingly. Your past relationship is now gone, it’s in the air, and there is no reason to let that past relationship destroy future ones. Finally, put an end to your pity party; it’s time to call it a night.

2. Realize How Many Chances You Will Have

There are plenty of fish in the dating sea; there are tons of ideal partners for you. Just because one partner wasn’t everything you thought they were, doesn’t mean you will not find someone who will make you happy and treat you right. You have plenty of opportunities but it’s time to realize it before they slip away.

3. Surround Yourself with Good People

If you are already aware that you’re carrying relationship baggage, then you need to be able to shake it off. If shaking it off on your own is difficult, then having a close support group will help. Your friends and family members can give you advice and support, and their advice can help get you over this hurdle. If you don’t like sharing your personal problems with friends and family, then going to a professional might be the best advice for you.

If you’re ready to start meeting quality, relationship-minded singles in Colts Neck, contact our matchmakers here at New Jersey Singles Dating Service today. Let us give you the guidance and support you need as you’re embarking on a new chapter of your romantic life.

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Why You Should Forget Online Dating & Hire a Matchmaking Professional

One of the most common New Jersey Singles complaints stems from the use of online dating sites. Today, our matchmaking and dating experts here at New Jersey Singles Dating Service will review why you should ditch online dating and hire a matchmaking professional on your quest for love.

Before hiring a professional matchmaking agency, many people make the terrible mistake of using an online dating site, and it’s understandable why so many people give it a try. Online dating ads flood our lives every day, constantly telling us how quick and easy it is to find a partner. They claim it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3. Unfortunately, although it might seem like the best place to meet local singles, online dating comes with a lot of cons. People use outdated pictures, lie on the bio, and act like someone they’re not. And with the free or lost cost of signing up to many of these internet dating sites, just about anyone with access to the internet can make an account—meaning swarms of single to sift through.

In the 25 years we’ve been in the business, we know how timesaving and efficient it is to have a matchmaker by your side when searching for love. A professional matchmaker like the ones found here at New Jersey Singles Dating Service, provide an invaluable service that cannot be matched by online dating. An online dating site will not properly be able to coach you and prepare you for dates. In fact, they cannot coach you at all. And nor will they help you identify and break unhealthy patterns you may be committing in your dating life.

Today, our veteran matchmakers here at New Jersey Singles will review the top reasons you need to hire a professional matchmaker if you’re serious about falling in love.


New Jersey Singles Dating Service Provides the Following:

1. Trust

Our professional matchmakers here at New Jersey Singles make it their business to get to know you, your wants, needs, and desires in a lifelong partner. It is important for us to establish trust early on so that you feel free communicating your wishes to us. It is extremely difficult to trust someone you have never seen or spoken with, and with an online dating site, you can never be sure who you’re speaking to or what will happen if you decide to meet them.

2. Privacy

Our New Jersey matchmakers will only introduce you to like-minded and mature professionals who are looking for the same thing as you. Your information will never be released to the public or posted on the web for the world to see. By using our professional matchmaking services, you can rest assured that no one will ever find out you’re using our services unless you are the person who shares that information with them. Never again will you bump into a stranger who tells you they saw you on or Tinder.

3. Safety

No one in the world likes to put themselves in danger, so we’re sure you don’t want to meet someone who ends up being your worst nightmare. Here at New Jersey Singles, we have met everyone in person, checked out their references, and run thorough background and criminal checks on them. Because of the stringent safety measures we employ, you can date knowing no one is out to get you.

4. Personalized Service

Your professional matchmaker will get to know you based on your unique personality traits, lifestyle, goals, career, and ambitions. Because we get to know each client on a one-to-one level, we are able to deliver compatible matches. Doesn’t that sound better than relying on a computer to generate a match for you?

5. Your Time Is Saved with Us

Never again will you have to rush home from work to spend hours behind your computer responding to dozens of messages. Never again will you go out on an array of bad dates with people whom you have nothing in common with. Never again will you get to a date only to be disappointed because the person looks nothing like they did on their online profile. Again, your professional matchmaker will take care of all those important details for you. And because everyone in our database is serious, attractive, and looking to meet like-minded individuals, you’re guaranteed to find someone who clicks with you. Time is never wasted here at New Jersey Singles.

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6. Select Screening

Our professional matchmakers meet with everyone in person before we ever decide to make an introduction. With online dating, there is no way of knowing if the person sitting behind the screen has a criminal record, is a scammer, or has a husband or wife at home. No more worrying about your date’s true identity or what they’re keeping hidden from you. We’ve been doing this for over 25 years and we’re able to detect when someone is lying—there’s no getting past us.
7. Personalized Support

After each introduction, a matchmaker will follow up to gather valuable feedback. Using this feedback is a very important step to our matchmaking success. This valuable feedback helps our matchmakers zero in on your perfect match, unless of course they made the first introduction the last one for you… and we’ve done it many times. When you date online, there isn’t a professional dating expert debriefing you or providing you with dating coaching for your next introduction. With a professional matchmaker, you won’t be left back at square one looking through more profiles of local people to date.

Hopefully by now you have seen all the benefits that come along with hiring a professional matchmaker. We know you take your dating life seriously, so please stop relying on online dating sites and hire one of our certified matchmakers today. You will not be disappointed with the results! We are New Jersey’s leading dating service with four locations across the state.

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New Jersey Singles Complaints about Online Dating

Online dating has become the newest trend when it comes to finding love in a fast paced society; however, what some New Jersey singles are experiencing is dating complaints rather than dating success. Though online dating has become acceptable, is it really for everyone?

Here are a few signs that online dating might not be right for you.

new 3

1. You’re Scared of the Camera

Your chances of coming across someone on an online dating site without a recent picture of yourself are very slim. First thing you must know is that pictures are essential with online dating. Since your potential dates don’t actually see you in person, a photo is the next best thing to help they get a sense of who you are and what you look like. So that two year old picture you are thinking about using isn’t going to work.

2. You Don’t Know How to Use Technology

This doesn’t happen often, especially for younger people. But older people often don’t know how to navigate around the newest technology very well. If this sounds like you, then online dating will not work for you. Online dating and all the newest trends require you to be connected and tech savvy, and if you’re not, then you’re in for a world of frustration and disappointment.

3. You Are Very Reserved

Being shy face to face is one thing, but being shy and not opening up in the online dating world is another. With an online dating site, people will expect you to talk and have a conversation, even if it is via text message. If you are someone who is used to giving one word answers and being reserved until someone pulls you out of your shell, then online dating will not be for you. Unless you’re energetic and intriguing, people will lose interest in you quickly.

4. You Have a Busy Schedule

You’re in school, you have a fulltime job, and you’re raising children on your own. If you have a hectic schedule, you’ll find that online dating only tacks on more stress. You will have to find spare time to create an account, a profile with detailed bio, and you’ll have to browse through hundreds, if not thousands of local singles’ profiles and correspond with potential candidates. If you already have a busy schedule, then online dating will not be suited for you.

5. You Don’t Like Competing with Anyone

In the dating world, competition is around every corner; however, when it comes to finding love online, that competition takes it to another level. If competing is not your thing, you’re going to want to skip online dating altogether; otherwise, you’re going to find yourself very frustrated and disappointed.

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6. You Like to Talk Frequently

This happens very often, but if the other person isn’t around at the time you’re on, there are bound to be problems and the relationship will be staggered. You might work nightshift while they work during the day. Communication will undoubtedly be tough to coordinate and require a lot of patience.

7. You Have No Patience for Fake People

As you probably already know from all the press reports in the news, online dating can be very risky. Who knows, maybe you have even watched the show Catfished. Being fooled in person is a little tougher since you get to interact face-to-face, but in the online dating world, it’s a lot easier to be tricked and it happens frequently. With online dating sites you’ll come across people who use fake pictures, fake bios, and pretend to be someone they’re not. If you don’t like wasting your time, then online dating is not the right avenue for you.

8. You Have No Clue How to Market Yourself

Online dating sites have millions of members, all of whom are looking to stand out from the competition. So what does this mean for you? Well, it means that in order to stand out, you must be creative. A basic profile or generic opening line is not going to get you very far. Since there is so much competition on online dating sites, creativity is a must. If you don’t have it, you won’t be successful.

9. Your Patience Runs Low

When it comes to dating online, you are going to have to sort through hundreds of profiles before you find someone that appeals to your interest. While you are guaranteed to receive messages from the opposite sex, not everyone that sends you a message will be your cup of tea or perhaps they won’t be interested in the same thing as you.

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10. You Judge People Immediately

Being quick to judge people is not going to make your online dating experience go smoothly. In fact, being judgmental is only going to limit the amount of people you talk to or date. While there is nothing wrong with having expectations, being overly judgmental will not land you a partner, especially because you’re not getting to know the person, you’re simply judging what you read about them.

11. Everything Must Be Kept Online

Online dating is very convenient and that’s why it’s preferred by a lot of people. You don’t have to get dressed up or even leave the comfort of your house. You also don’t have to worry about all the stress and anxiety that comes along with going out on a date, but if that’s all you’re after, your online dating experience will not be successful. People on dating sites want to take things further and want to meet in person.

12. You Lie Often

When it comes to dating online, you will only be able to get away with your façade for a certain amount of time. Maybe while you’re online you want to portray yourself as being ten years younger, athletic, funny, and as earning a specific amount of money. Well, while you might be able to get away with that white lie for a while, once you meet in person your lies will be discovered. White lies only work temporarily, so it’s best to be truthful.

13. You Don’t Know What You’re After

Online dating without a clear idea of what type of partner you want is like walking into a department store without knowing what you’re going to shop for. Online dating sites have thousands of local members, which means there are an abundance of different people to choose from. Sometimes, having too many options can actually backfire on you. Be sure to know exactly what type of partner you want before ever enrolling in an online dating site.

If you think you’re cut out for online dating, then go ahead and give it a go. Good luck and happy dating.

My Friends Dislike My Boyfriend – The Biggest New Jersey Singles Complaint

Do you ever get that feeling that your friends dislike the new man you’re currently dating? Well, that happens to be one of the biggest New Jersey Singles complaints. Today, our matchmaking and dating experts will show you some clear signs you’re hunch is right, along with some things you can do to fix it.

Friends can sometimes feel like a family; they’re always there to support you, they’re always there to take care of you, and they’ll be by your side to comfort you if you’re depressed when a relationship fails. Yes, it’s a great feeling to have great friends, especially ones you can count on—that is until the day they disapprove of the man you’re dating.

Now, at the end of the day, you must remember that it’s you and only you who makes the decisions about the man you’re dating, but it definitely helps to listen to those close to you since you might be too blinded by your boyfriend’s charms to see anything negative about him. This is where good friends come in handy because they, unlike you, are seeing things from a different perspective.


Signs Your Good Friends Don’t Like Your Boyfriend

Before we get into any detail, we must first verify if, in fact, your good friends dislike your boyfriend. Who knows, maybe those smart remarks you heard your friends making over happy hour were not about your boyfriend. So, let’s backtrack a little and figure out if, in fact, your girlfriends dislike your boyfriend.

1. They Clam Up When You Mention Anything about Him

You might notice that all of them become quiet as soon as you mention anything in regards to your man… And, no, it’s not because they want to listen carefully. It’s because they don’t want to say anything negative or let out any smart comments about him.

2. They Never Invite Him

You’re going out for a night on the town and you noticed that your friends are bringing their boyfriends, so you expected them to invite your boyfriend, right? Wrong. The invitation was only for you, not plus one.

3. They Don’t Join You When You’re with Your Man

You invite your friends over for a BBQ on Sunday and you mention your boyfriend will be manning the grill, but instead of sounding excited, they all of the sudden get silent and find a reason to back away from the plans.

4. You Always Heard the Quote, “I told you so.”

Whenever you mention that things are not going as well as you hoped they would go, you hear your friends telling you the famous, “I told you so.” Even if you are just telling them you’re a little angry because it took him all afternoon to respond to a message you sent him early in the morning, they have a smart jab to inject on you.

5. They Encourage You to Flirt with Men

You’re out on the town with your friends barhopping and having fun all night long, and when a man all the sudden makes a move on you, your friend encourage you to flirt back. Despite saying that you’re taken, your friends hit you back with a, “You’re not married yet.”


… Take Note

Now, if this happens once or twice, it’s okay, but if you notice these things are happening all the time, then you might be right about your friends not liking your boyfriend.

What You Need to Understand about Your Friends Not Liking Him

1. It’s Possible Your Friends Met Him During a Bad Time

First impressions mean everything, so if your friends met your boyfriend when he was in a bad mood, frowning, or even too tipsy, you can bet every dollar they’re going to dislike him. What you can do here is try telling your friends he was having a bad day and that he’s actually a very good person when you get to know him. Ask your friends if they could please give him another chance for you.

2. They Might Not Like Him Because of Their Own Problems

You need to understand that at the end of the day, your friends are only human beings too, meaning the whole problem might be on them. For example, if one of your friends dated a stock broker who dumped her and your new man is a stock broker, then that could be the reason why your friends don’t like him. Another example might be that your friends want you to remain single and since you now have a boyfriend, they’re afraid they’re going to lose you.

3. They See Things Without Those Rose-tinted Glasses

This is where having good friends comes into play. Your good friends might genuinely be looking out for you because, unlike you, they see things without those rose-tinted glasses. They might see that he is rude to the taxi driver, impolite with the wait staff, and a whole slew of other things you don’t see. This is where you should ask your friends to be 100% honest with you.

4. Your Friends Are Secretly Jealous

Are you the type of woman your friends used to count on to go out every weekend? Are they mad that instead of going out with them to hit the town you stay in for wine and cheese with your man? This might be the root of all problems. Your friends might feel like you completely vanished because you have a new boyfriend. This is why they dislike your boyfriend, not necessarily because he’s done anything wrong, but because they’re losing your attention to him.

So if you notice you’re having a hard time with your friends and your boyfriend, let’s hope that this list put together by our dating and matchmaking experts here at New Jersey Singles Dating Service helps you sort everything out.

If you know that he’s a good guy that respects you and treats you well, continue to date him regardless of what your friends think. And if you didn’t know why they don’t like him, well, now you know why and hopefully you can resolve the issues at hand.

For more dating and relationship advice from our matchmaking experts here at New Jersey Singles Dating Service, be sure to connect with us on Facebook and Twitter!

12 Things You Can Do to Make Your Woman Love You More by New Jersey Singles

Do you want your girlfriend to fall in love with you more? Today, our matchmakers here at New Jersey Singles Dating Service will teach you some helpful tips that will make your woman fall more in love with you every day.
It’s a common misconception that women are hard to please. Just because your last relationship was with someone who wasn’t right for you, doesn’t mean your next one will be just like it. When you find the perfect woman for you, you will know it inside your heart, and only then will you appreciate what women are about. There are plenty of ways to prove to your girlfriend that you love her, and in turn, she will love you and appreciate you even more, making the relationship a more meaningful one.

Things to Do to Make Your Girlfriend Fall in Love with You

Today, our veteran matchmakers here at New Jersey Singles Dating Service will share all the things you must do that will make your girlfriend fall more in love with you every day. Believe us, you’ll want to get your pen and paper.

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1. Write Her Love Letters

When you write something down, it’s very meaningful because you’re really putting your thoughts and yourself out there for her. Whether you’re writing her a sweet note on a sticky pad or emailing her a love message mid workday, the truth is, you can never go wrong writing a little love letter.

2. Send Her Flowers

Flowers have a magical way of turning a frown upside down. You certainly can’t go wrong if you gift your woman a beautiful bouquet of flowers from time to time. Whether it’s the flower of the season or her favorite flower, women appreciate flowers from their partners, especially unexpectedly.

3. A Little Serenading

There is a reason why the singers always get the women. Women buckle at the knees when a man is able to sing for them, especially something meaningful. Remember, no matter how bad of a singer you are, she will love you nonetheless. Bonus, it will be even better if you have an instrument to go along with it.

4. Listen to Her

The number one complaint most women have about their boyfriends is that they never listen to what they have to say. Our experienced matchmakers here at New Jersey Singles Dating Service want you to make a conscious effort to listen to her closely. Let her vent about her workweek, her horrible boss, and the awful traffic on the way home. Prove to her that you genuinely care about the things she’s telling you.

5. Bring Her Lunch Occasionally

This one is thoughtful and sweet. Bring her lunch at work as a surprise and don’t forget to bring along her favorite dessert. She will appreciate the efforts, especially if it’s something you prepared. Plus, nothing makes a woman feel better than to have a surprise come in at the office.

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6. Make Time for Walks

Take time to go out on romantic walks. If you live near a beach, go search for seashells. If you live near the woods, then go for a scenic view and always hold her hand as you walk along. Talk about everything you can imagine, listen to what she has to say, but also appreciate the quiet and calm moments together.

7. Love Her Family

Our matchmakers want you to love her family as though they were your own. The next time you go to a family get together, buy her mom a bouquet of flowers and take along a nice bottle of whisky for her dad. Let them know how much you appreciate them for raising such a beautiful and caring daughter.

8. Be Nice to All Her Friends

Your girlfriend’s friends are probably the most judgmental people you will ever come across, but for good reason. The reason is because they love their friend and don’t want to see anything bad happen to her. If they catch a whiff that you’re bad news, you can guarantee every dollar in your bank account that they will do whatever it takes to convince her not to date you. You should genuinely try to be nice to them; remember their names, conversations you have with them, and most importantly, never hit on them.

9. Show Interest in Her Hobbies

Take time to show your interest in the things she enjoys doing. If she loves ballet, go to her shows with her. If she loves painting, go to a painting class or art gallery with her.. Even if you cannot bring yourself to enjoy what she likes, at least you have given it a try and that will go a long way

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10. Give Her a Massage

Backrubs and foot massages are a great way to relax your girlfriend after a hard day at the office. Trust us, this is something you want to do every weekend.

11. Stop Your Bad Habits

Whether it’s binge drinking or smoking, cut the vices out of your life and prove to your girlfriend that you don’t need anything besides her to complete you. She will appreciate the efforts you’re making to become a better adult, a better boyfriend to her.

12. Surprise Her

Even if your girlfriend has told you about 100 times that she hates surprises, don’t listen to her. Try to surprise her with something nice, something she won’t forget. Have a bottle of champagne and flowers waiting at home so that as soon as she walks in the door from a tough day at the office, she sees them. You can also prepare her favorite meal without her having to ask you for it or even just take Fido for a walk when she’s in the shower.
No matter how good things are going in your relationship, our experienced matchmakers here at New Jersey Singles Dating Service want you to know you can always take things to the next level. With these helpful tips from our dating and relationship experts, your girlfriend will love you more every day.


Colts Neck Matchmaking with 6 Tips to Date a Divorced Man

Have you ever thought about dating a divorced man? Does the thought of meeting his ex-wife have you feeling scared? Well, don’t worry. Today, our Colts Neck matchmaking experts here at New Jersey Singles Dating Service will teach you everything you need to know about dating a divorced man.

In today’s New Jersey dating scene, it’s not unusual to find yourself dating a divorced man. With one out of three marriages failing, it’s no wonder there are so many divorced men out there, and this leaves plenty of wonderful eligible men back on the market. Of course these men come with a past, but then again, who doesn’t have a past?

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One of the biggest stigmas about dating a divorced man is that they make lousy spouses, which is not always the case. Of course everyone is different, but that’s up to you to find out. Just because a man has been married before doesn’t mean he’s going to make for a lousy spouse in the future, and just because his relationship didn’t work out before does not mean it won’t work out with you. Still, dating a man or a woman who has been married before requires patience and different dating techniques… And of course they do come with a little more baggage. But if you’ve been divorced yourself, then you, better than anyone, should know that doesn’t make you a lousy partner.

Today, our Colts Neck matchmaking experts here at New Jersey Singles Dating Service will teach you everything you need to know about the right way to date a divorced man.

1. Forget He’s Divorced

Don’t let the fact that he has previously been married affect you whatsoever. When visions of him being a lousy spouse come through your head, just remember that divorces are not that much different from a breakup. Divorce is just an expensive term.

Don’t imagine his ex-wife being a nagging and annoying person either. Remember, at the end of the day there are three sides to every story, his, hers, and the truth. Don’t judge their relationship either. It isn’t yours and it has nothing to do with you. Would it be okay if he were to judge you based on your exes and all the choices you have made in the past? Doesn’t seem fair, right?

2. Accept That He Comes with Baggage

Divorced men are in a completely different category than men who have never been married. These men are often more mature and less inclined to play those infamous dating games, which is a great reason or you to date him. However, as the title indicates, they do come with a little extra baggage. Divorced men have been through a lot; they are not like the frat boys you used to date. They are not likely to get committed again too quickly, so go easy on him.

3. Start the Relationship at the Right Pace

Speaking of taking it easy on this man, you also want to take it easy as you approach a relationship with him. If you are dating a divorced man, chances are, he has already been around the block. And because he’s had a little more experience with relationships, which means he has probably had his heart stomped and he’ll probably less likely to rush the next relationship. So if you are looking for a man to put a ring on your finger after only two months of dating, look elsewhere. Divorced men would rather take things slow, and for a very good reason.

4. Don’t Talk Less about His Ex

Maybe you had the chance to meet his ex, maybe you thought the day you met her you would exchange dirty looks with each other. Did she behave the way you expected her to? Was her living image more terrifying than the image you created in your head? Did she make you want to throw something at her? Trust us, you are probably not alone. There are many women out there who find the ex-wife to be less than friendly, but regardless of how you feel for this woman, don’t let it get to you and ruin what you have going with this man. Now, we’re not saying you need to go out for morning coffee together, just don’t talk badly about her. You want to come off as the bigger person, especially if you want a serious relationship with this man.

5. If He Has Children, Don’t Meet Them Too Soon

The best piece of advice our Colts Neck matchmaking experts can give you is if he has children, do not meet them too soon. Even if this man clearly wants to be with you, the children might not be ready. Also, if you and the children do get along well and the relationship doesn’t work out, you’re going to end up hurting the children. Give the relationship a few months to develop into something serious, then you can meet the children.

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6. His Schedule Is Constantly Changing

One of the things you must understand about dating a divorced man or woman is that their schedule can change at the blink of an eye. You could be in the middle of a fancy restaurant about to order your dessert when all of the sudden he gets a call from his daughter’s ballet coach, letting him know she’s injured her foot and needs taken to the hospital. This means he’s immediately going to have to leave. Whatever the reason, you need to know that divorced men can have sudden schedule changes and this is something you need to be prepared for if you plan on dating one. If you do experience a sudden change of plans while you’re out, do not lose your patience or blow up on him. These are circumstances that are out of his control and if you want a serious relationship with him, then you need to be patient and understanding.

These 6 helpful tips from our Colts Neck matchmaking experts on dating a divorced man will help you navigate the first few months and will also help you handle his ex-wife and help you know when it’s proper to meet his children. Dating a divorced man doesn’t have to be complicated, as long as you follow our expert advice.
If you’re struggling to meet quality men on your own, contact our matchmakers here at New Jersey Singles Dating Service and let us set you up with successful men who are also serious about dating and falling in love.