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New Jersey Singles Matchmakers with the Ultimate Summer Date Ideas for 2014

Upscale dating and matchmaking service in NJ reveals fun summer date ideas to try out before summer’s end!
Looking for fun and romantic date ideas to do with your dates this summer? Than look no further. New Jersey Singles matchmakers have put together the top summer date ideas that will surely blow your dates away!
If you’re looking for some summer date ideas without the price tag of a plane ticket, then New Jersey Singles matchmakers have the answer for you. Summer is the perfect time of year to stay away from those boring indoor dates and spice things up, making the most out of the warm summer days.

New Jersey Singles – Top Summer Date Ideas

If you’re looking for something fresh and unique, New Jersey Singles matchmakers have the right thing for you. Our team of dedicated matchmakers from New Jersey Singles Dating Service have put together some upbeat summer date ideas that will surely whoa your date!


1. Foodie Date

They say that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach and the summer months will be the best time to explore that old saying. Visit a local farmer’s market or food festival; after all, they are everywhere in NJ during the summer months. Taking your partner to one of these types of events will earn you brownie points, literally. Many of these types of events offer free tastings, so if you’re lucky enough, you will put the brownie points to use and taste some delicious brownies and other delicious goodies.
Check out your local New Jersey newspaper for upcoming foodie events or festivals in your town. There are so many options to choose from; you simply can’t go wrong!

2. Dinner Outdoors

Alfresco dining makes for a perfect date idea, especially during the hot New Jersey summer months. Enjoying the outdoors and fresh air makes for a relaxed and date. Picnics are also great, so wehther you’re thinking casual or romantic, you can do anything. Remember, nothing says romance like having a picnic date with champagne and fresh strawberries. When having a picnic, New Jersey Singles matchmakers remind you not to bring any foods that are messy and sticky. Keep in mind that foods that will make your hands dirty are a big no no. There’s nothing worse than being messy on a date. Any local supermarket will have a varierty of different picnic food items which you can quickloy grab, so don’t worry about having to prepare a big picnic meal at home. The best location for this type of date will be a lake, a pond, or a park with a nice view. You can ever head down to your favorite New Jersey beach.

Dating Idea Beach

3. Get Your Adrenaline Flowing

Getting your adrenaline flowing is the perfect complement to putting those nerves at bay. The exciting rush of adrenaline you will get from a theme park is unbeatable and sure to be a fun and memorable date. When you and your date are engaging in such fun and actionpacked activities, like the ones you get at the themepark, you will immediately build a connection. Whether you need a quick recharge with your seasoned partner or trying something new with the new person you’re dating, a trip to your favorite local themepark will do the job.

4. Row Down the River

An alltime favorite date idea for the summer is to row a boat down the river. Taking a boat trip, even on a local lake, is romantic. Many places in New Jersey offer boat rentals at a reasonable cost. Remember to go right before the sunset so you can also enjoy the view.

5. Enjoy Dinner with a View

Many rooftop buildings in NJ offer restaurants that have a beautiful view of the city. You and your date can enjoy some of the most gorgeous views around. Remember to book your reservation ahead of time because these types of places fill up quickly.

6. Visit a NJ Festival

A great date idea for those who enjoy music and movies is to visit an outdoor cinema or an outdoor concert. Whether you want to treat your date to a classic movie in the outdoors or enjoy a rock music festival, having a date in the outdoors makes it that much more fun, and it’s more interesting than an old played out date. This is where preparation comes into play. You can choose to bring your own food and snacks, and even a bottle of champagne. When thinking of a music concert, you can also invite other couples along; doing so will add variety and spice to your dating life. After all, it is important not to alienate yourself fro your close friends, so take the opportunity to mix them in on your great summer dates and you’ll all have a good time together.


7. Rent a Bike

Summer is the perfect time to get out and get active, and a great way to combine exercise with your date life is to rent bikes and go for a leisurely ride along the park or boardwalk. Cycling together allows you to take in nature while still enjoying each other’s company. And if exercise isn’t for you, don’t worry, you and your date can take a cruise in the countryside. But for those who want to get their juices flowing, grab a pair of rollerblades and skate your way into romance.
Now, get up and get moving before summer ends. After all, what better way to spend summer than being in the company of your date while enjoying the beautiful New Jersey sunshine!