New Jersey Singles Reviews the Ultimate Spring Date Ideas

If you want your relationship to grow, you need to spend time with your partner, which means investing in meaningful dates.  There is no better time to go on dates than during the beautiful spring months.  March 20, 2017 was the first day of spring, so it’s time you start making the most of it.  Today, New Jersey Singles reviews the best springtime date ideas for you and your loved one to get out and get re-energized.

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1. Go to the farmers market, then head out for a picnic.

There is no better way to spend a warm Saturday afternoon than bonding over a picnic with your partner.  One of the easiest ways to get ready for a picnic is by going to your local farmers market and picking your favorite fresh foods, veggies, cheese, and wine.  New Jersey is known for having some of the most magnificent farmers markets around.  Take some time to enjoy locally made art and jewelry, then head over to a nearby park.  Better yet, if you find a nearby lake or creek, go there to enjoy the scenery.

2. Go for a bike ride, hike, or nature walk.

After being barricaded at home all winter long, who isn’t ready to spend time in the outdoors?  The summers in New Jersey are known for being stuffy and humid, but what about springtime?  Oh, those days are delightfully refreshing.  Check Google for national parks and trails, and be sure to look for bike friendly paths and paved trails.  There is no better time to get out and enjoy Mother Nature than springtime.  Spring also means beautiful flowers are blooming, which will provide the perfect scenery.

3. Play tourist for a day.

It doesn’t matter where you live in New Jersey, you might not really know all the magnificent things your city has to offer.  You might have your go-to spots to hang out, but did you know there are other amazing places, such as historic spots in the city?  Choose a few tourist attractions, a museum, a historic landmark, or a quaint restaurant.  Don’t forget to bring your camera along for this one.

4. Attend a spring festival or outdoor concert.

Spring festivals are everywhere in New Jersey.  From carnivals to fairs, you know what we’re talking about.  Festivals are a lot of fun, and regardless your age, who doesn’t like a little friendly competition?  We all love it when our partner wins us a gigantic stuffed animal or teddy bear.  From craft beer, delicious fair foods, and sweet treats, fairs and festivals are a great place to check out in spring.  Spend time hopping from booth to booth sampling all the goodies and playing games.

5. Pick fruit that is in season.

Who doesn’t love fresh food that’s in season?  And what better way to get it than right from the source itself?  Chances are, if you live in New Jersey, you have a local farmers market within driving distance that allows you to pick the fruit that is in season and lets you pay by the bag or pound.  Grab a basket and pick some delicious fruit to take back home and make a mouthwatering pie or delicious pastry together.

6. Fly kites together.

Kite flying is a spring activity that you and your partner can do together to escape the stuffy winter air.  April is typically a windy month here in New Jersey, and since it’s spring, the air is surprisingly crisp and romantic.  Who doesn’t love a little teamwork?  We love it because this date can be an extension of your picnic date.

7. Have a bonfire and stargaze.

There is something romantic about a blazing fire and all its crackling sounds.  And let’s face it, it screams spring!  Plan a date outdoors by a bonfire as you and your partner get cozy together.  Make the date extra special by bringing some wine and sweet treats.  Did someone say S’mores?  Don’t forget to bring along a few blankets in case someone gets cold.  With a belly full of food and a drink in your hand, sit back and enjoy the beautiful twinkling starts—and maybe even try to steal a little kiss.

8. Dedicate a day to hosting a garage sale.

You probably accumulated a lot of stuff over the winter months, but now that spring is in the air, you can make it a point to clean out anything you don’t need.  Hey, it’s fascinating to see strangers fight over your little things.  Not only do you get to spring clean your house, but you also make an amusing date out of it.

There are many more great spring date ideas out there, but if you want to change up your routine, we want you to incorporate these eight date ideas from our love experts here at New Jersey Singles Dating Service.

Once you’ve tried them, please let us know how they work out for you.  We’re eager to hear everything about it!

If you’re single and searching, let New Jersey Singles take over the hard work of dating so you can enjoy meeting compatible singles around your schedule.  Call 1 (888) 417-0020 to book a FREE matchmaking consultation with Jersey’s premier matchmaking service today!


Bridgewater Matchmakers | Top Signs He’s Not Ready for Love

“I’m not ready for a relationship,” he says to you.  You think to yourself: “How can this be possible after you chased me all this time?”  What could have possibly happened that made him change his mind?  What’s going on?  You start beating yourself up trying to find the reason he feels this way.  You clearly didn’t do anything wrong, so what’s going on in this picture?

As the leading Bridgewater matchmakers, we know there are many men in the NJ dating scene who are just not ready to be in a relationship.  But don’t worry, we’re going to show you how to spot them so you don’t waste your time with them ever again.

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1. He Wants to Have a Girlfriend Right Now

Okay, desperation is not an attractive quality in anyone.  If the man you’re seeing is coming on too strong, you might want to take a second look at him.  Ask yourself why this guy is clinging onto you so quickly after you just met him a few weeks ago?  He might be one of those super excited guys who can’t hold back his excitement, but he could just be desperate to be in a relationship.  If he’s making you the center of his world too soon, then he is desperate.  Here at New Jersey Singles, we know desperation spells trouble in any relationship.

2. He Is Negative About Life

He always seems to look at the negative side of life, and that might be a sign he’s not relationship-ready.  Always seeing things in a not-so-bright kind of way is a sign that something is missing in his life.  Maybe what’s missing is a girlfriend.  Nope, he’ll still feel negative and pessimistic—girlfriend or not.  Don’t let this guy drain your energy and spirit—get out while you can!

3. He Doesn’t Have a Future Plan

Okay, so he might not have a stable career just yet, and that’s okay if he’s trying.  If he doesn’t have a solid career, he should be working hard to get where he wants to be.  However, if he doesn’t have any career plans in mind and doesn’t do anything to change it, then he’s not ready to commit to you.  Think about it, if he can’t even commit to a job, what makes you think he’s going to commit to you?  If he has been changing his mind and career path since he was younger, then he’s not ready for commitment.  He hasn’t even figure it out himself yet, so he’s definitely not ready for love.

4. He Doesn’t Have Any Friends

Dating a man with no friends will come back and bite you in the end.  It might seem super romantic that he wants to spend every second of the day with you, but the relationship will soon start to feel unbalanced.  If you are a social woman, he will soon resent you for going out with your friends and not choosing to spend time with him instead.  Our Bridgewater matchmakers know you need a social life to feel fulfilled, and he needs the same.  You simply can’t spend every second of the day together and expect your relationship to flourish.

5. He’s Never Been in a Long-Term Relationship

He might have told you a few things about his past relationships, and you’re realizing that none of them ever lasted more than a few months.  He has never been in a long-term relationship.  What does this mean for you?  You’re on the chopping block.  He clearly isn’t ready to be in a long-term relationship and moves from woman to woman.

6. He Just Came Out of a Relationship

On the flipside, if he was involved in a long-term relationship that just ended, he’s not ready to be in another relationship.  This guy is on the rebound.  Two things happen when you get out of a long-term relationship: you either stay single for a long time or jump right back into the dating scene and look for a rebound.  If this guy just got out of a long-term relationship and is now dating you, you are his rebound.

Ladies, you don’t want to be second-hand love.  You deserve a man who loves you unconditionally, not someone who is using you to mend his broken heart.  He should have given himself time to heal before he started dating.

7. Everything Seems Too Perfect

You just started dating this guy and everything feels magically, just like in the movies.  Things are so amazing that you think you’re living your own fairy-tale dream.  If something is too good to be true, most of the time it’s because it’s not real.  As the leading Bridgewater matchmakers, we know that relationships can be wonderful and magical, but they also have their downsides.  If everything is sunshine, lollipops, and rainbows—100% of the time—something is wrong with this picture, and it’s time to find out why.

8. He Flirts with Other Women

Every woman has dated a guy who flirted with everything that walked: the waitress, her best friend, and even the barista at Starbucks.  But there is a huge difference between being flirty and making a move.  If the man you’re dating likes to engage in friendly conversation with women and is known for taking things to the next level, then you should be concerned.  This is a huge warning sign he’s not ready to be in a long-term relationship.  If he can’t tone down the player in him, maybe it’s time you move on and save yourself the heartache down the road.

9. He Doesn’t Have Any Interests

Do you find that it’s always you who comes up with the date ideas or things to do?  Does he just float around doing nothing?  Does his whole life revolve around watching TV shows?  This is a massive sign he’s not ready to be in a relationship.  He doesn’t even have a life of his own.  If the man you’re seeing doesn’t have any passions and interests in life, he hasn’t figured himself out, and it’s not your job to do it for him.  Do yourself a favor and find yourself a man you share common interests with.  Believe us, it will make your relationship fun and exciting.  Relationships require efforts from both partners.

Ladies, how many of these signs do you see with the current man you’re seeing?  If you see a handful of these, then you know he’s not ready to be in a relationship.  But don’t worry, there’s still hope.  Our Bridgewater matchmakers can introduce you to attractive, relationship-minded men who are ready to commit to someone like you.

Call 1 (888) 417-0020 now to reserve your FREE matchmaking consultation with New Jersey Singles today.  Join us and let our expert matchmakers help you find a successful and attractive man who is compatible with you!

Saddle Brook Matchmakers Review the Signs He’s Not the One

When you really like a guy, you tend to ignore everything that’s wrong about him.  We understand, you’re infatuated.  For whatever reason, you convince yourself that he’s the one and won’t let any of his negative traits convince you otherwise.  This happens to a lot of women, so don’t worry.

Usually, you’ll be into him because you think he is Mr. Right or because you believe he fits into the type you normally go for in dating.  This can make it very difficult to face the truth, which is the fact that you need to let him go.

Of course, some red flags are bigger than others.  Some red flags are small but should never be overlooked because they can indicate something larger down the road.  Even if the guy you’re dating looks like a Hollywood actor, we want you to pay attention to the red flags.  As the top Saddle Brook matchmakers, we have helped thousands of single women in New Jersey find love by helping them realize what they don’t want in a long-term relationship.

Below, you’ll discover a few red flags you can’t afford to ignore, despite how much you like him.

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1. He Puts Your Body Down

If a man is really into you, he will never put your body down.  We all know that no one has the perfect body, except maybe models and Hollywood actors, but besides that, no one is perfect.

If you point out your own flaws, you cannot get angry at him for agreeing with you (or not disagreeing with you), but if he’s the one pointing them out on a regular basis, then he is clearly not the one.  The bottom line is that no man should make you feel bad about yourself by putting you down.

2. His Finances Are in Shambles

We’re not saying you need to date a millionaire, but you definitely don’t want to date a man who doesn’t have his finances in order.  We’ll admit it, managing finances today is very hard since everything is so expensive.  But he should know how to budget and save his money.  If he doesn’t have a penny to his name and spends all his money on unnecessary things, that’s a red flag our Saddle Brook matchmakers warn you to watch out for.

A man who can’t afford to pay his bills is not in control of his finances or his life.  Think about the future for a minute…  Being in a relationship with him will only drag you down, as you will have to carry his finances on your shoulders.  It’s time you start dating men who are financially responsible.

3. He Flirts on Social Media

Social media, one of the best and worst things that’s ever happened to our dating lives.  On the positive side, the man you met at the mall on Wednesday can quickly track you down through Facebook.  On the flipside, social media has a very dark side called social media flirting.

Your new beau could be talking to a lot of women on social media, liking and commenting on all their pictures.  Now, this is not cheating yet, but he’s treading close to the line.  We don’t want to make you paranoid about Facebook or Instagram, but if you have caught him flirting with other women, that’s a red flag you can’t ignore.

4. He Still Talks About His Ex

Many men who are still hung up on their exes have no idea they are, but a clear sign is when they always talk about them.  If the man you’re seeing mentions his ex all the time, then he is still hung up on her.

If he is constantly bringing her up—or worse, comparing you to her—he is still not over her.  Even if they are still good friends now, he shouldn’t be bringing her up in conversation all the time.  You need to question why he is always talking about her.

5. He’s Afraid of Commitment

Men who are afraid of commitment are the worst men to date.  Of course we know that you don’t want a proposal after a month of dating, but he should agree to be exclusive if the two of you have been seeing each other for some time now.

If he doesn’t want to talk about the relationship and refuses to put a label on it, that’s a huge red flag.  If he refuses to call you his girlfriend, how long do you think it will take this guy to get down on one knee?  A very long time.  Also, our Saddle Brook matchmakers now that men who are afraid of romantic commitment are usually afraid of commitment in others aspects of life.  He might jump from career to career or apartment to apartment.  Not being able to commit is a sign of immaturity.

6. He Drinks a Lot

Whether you’re in your 30s, 40s, or 50s, an occasional drink is needed, especially after a long work week.  But if your man drinks like a pirate on a regular basis, then you have a real problem on you hands.

It can be hard to tell the difference between someone who is having fun and someone who has a drinking problem.  One thing is for sure, though, if you never see him sober, then we shouldn’t have to tell you this is not healthy.  Also, if he doesn’t know how to control his limits, that’s another problem.  There is a difference between looking forward a glass of wine on a Friday night and getting obliviated every weekend.

7. He Only Calls You for Sex

It doesn’t matter how romantic he is at midnight if he’s only calling you for sex.  If he only calls you at night or when it’s convenient for him, and things always end up in the bedroom, then you’re nothing more than his booty-call.  The truth is, he doesn’t see you as relationship material, only booty-call-worthy.

Of course, when you’re in a relationship with someone, they might call you after being out with their friends, but if you’re only ever getting phone calls from him at midnight when he’s drunk, then that’s a red flag.  It’s time to wake up and except that you’re nothing more than fun in the bedroom.

Ladies, how many of these signs do you see in the man you’re dating?  You deserve better than that.  If you want to meet relationship-minded men in Saddle Brook or the surrounding areas, contact our New Jersey Singles matchmakers today.  We only work with mature, relationship-worthy men who are serious about finding a life partner.  Better yet, we do the hard work of screening and matching for you, allowing you to show up and meeting compatible men you’re likely to connect with.

Call 1 (888) 417-0020 to book a FREE consultation with one of our dedicated matchmakers today.  Let us help you find the man you deserve!

New Jersey Singles Lawrenceville | Signs You’re Set for Love

It can be depressing and tiresome to keep dating and not meet anyone you connect with.  But instead of getting ahead of yourself and looking to the end of the journey, it’s better to look at your small victories.  If you can relate to the following things, then you’re ready and set to welcome love into your life.

Today, New Jersey Singles in Lawrenceville, NJ, reviews the signs you’re ready to meet the one.

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1. You know what you want in a partner.

It sounds obvious, but many people have no idea what they desire in a partner.  If you’re ready for love, you will know exactly what qualities you want your future partner to have.

2. You no longer go on bad dates.

Because you know exactly what you want in a partner, you no longer date people who don’t fit that criteria.  If you’re learning more about the type of partner you want to date, then you’re becoming a wiser dater.

3. You feel like your life is in place.

You’ve reached a point in life where all the pieces are finally in place, and you know that your love life will soon be where you want it to get like all the other aspects of your life.  You’re at a stage where you’re happy and content with your life as it is but are ready to welcome a partner to share it all with.

4. You know yourself well.

You know what makes you happy.  You know what makes you angry.  You know how you like your coffee.  Why does this matter?  People with self-awareness are more likely to identify a partner who is right for them.  If you know what makes you happy, you are more likely to find a partner who will make you happy.

5. You’re not looking for someone to fix you.

You have many things going on in your life.  You have priorities, goals, and hobbies.  Maybe you love taking cooking classes in the evenings or doing gardening, but you enjoy your own hobbies and interests and don’t need anyone else to make you happy.  You are not waiting for someone to come rescue you because you are content with yourself.  More importantly, you don’t expect someone to fix you because you’re not broken.

6. You don’t want to fix anyone.

You understand that everyone in the dating scene will have baggage.  It is inevitable and you accept it.  While it would be great to change someone’s annoying habits, you know you can’t change them and have to accept them for who they are.  You know how to compromise and don’t go looking for a project.

7. You’re emotionally and physically ready.

Is your life ready for a partner?  If you are ready to welcome love into your life, your life needs to have space for them.  Are you ready to make time in your life to spend quality time with them? Are you willing to make compromises to be with someone?

8. You’re a good listener.

You can take in the things your friends tell you and help them solve their problems.  You know how to properly listen without interrupting mid-sentence.  You know that people just want to vent sometimes and don’t mind lending them an ear.  Ultimately, you can go out with friends or family and listen to them without getting distracted by your work emails or social media accounts.

8. You’re making a lot of first moves.

If you’re dating today, then you’ve probably figured out that there is nothing wrong with making the first move.  We no longer live in the 50s and women should have no fear of making the first move.  Making the first move also means trying different things, such as a matchmaker to help you find love.  Now, you’re being proactive about your search for love and stepping out of your comfort zone.  Here at New Jersey Singles, we know that one of these days your hard work will pay off.

9. You’re not taking dating breaks.

You don’t feel like you need a break from dating because you have finally realized that you cannot control what is out there.  You now know that the only way to find love is to keep at it and keep putting yourself out there.  You’re totally over bad dates but don’t let them get you down on your dating journey.

10. You have a different attitude towards dating.

Instead of feeling like there is no point in going on a second date unless you had a connection with someone, you now know that a first date is just a chance to get to know someone on the surface.  You have a completely different attitude about dating and know that it takes more than one date to find out if you’re truly compatible.  You no longer write people off based on looks either.

11. You don’t overthink things anymore.

You have learned to let things go, especially the things you can’t control.  If someone doesn’t call you back or doesn’t want to see you again, you don’t let it get to you.  You’re done wasting your time and have stopped overthinking everything.  Our New Jersey Singles matchmakers know this is a small change that will make your dating life easier and more enjoyable.

12. You can’t force someone to like.

It’s super tempting to continue seeing someone with hopes of making them like you.  But the truth is, you can’t make someone like you.  If they don’t feel something for you, then they’re not the one for you.

13. You can see red flags right away.

You no longer date people for several months only to realize they’re not the one.  Now, you can figure them out pretty quickly, which makes your dating life less stressful.

14. You know that dating takes time.

After dating for so long, you’ve come to realize that dating will take time and efforts, but it’s something you want to do.  You’ve figured out that not everyone in the NJ dating scene has your heart and people can be awful.  But the idea of finding true love is what keeps you going and has you looking forward to your next date.

Are you ready to meet the one? How many of these signs do you see in yourself?  Our New Jersey Singles matchmakers here at our Lawrenceville office would love to help you find love.  Let us introduce you to hand-selected matches with quality singles in Lawrenceville.  Call 1 (888) 417-0020 and reserve your private matchmaking consultation today.


New Jersey Singles Matchmakers | Tips to Survive Dating in NJ

Heading into the New Jersey dating scene can be a very daunting experience, a decision we would all prefer not to have to make.  But if you want to find love, you need to put yourself out there, no matter how frightening the modern day dating scene may seem.  Here at New Jersey Singles, our professional matchmakers have years of experience helping singles navigate dating, and we’re going to share our experience with you.

While these tips might not help find you love right away, they will make the process a lot easier along the way.  So get ready, as our New Jersey Singles matchmakers review the best ways to survive the modern dating scene.

new jersey singles reviews

1. Be Prepared for Everything

You need to be prepared for everything you’ll encounter.  The dating scene brings out the worst in people.  This is especially true if you’re relying on online dating sites or mobile dating apps as a way of finding dates.  But it can happen even in the real world, because let’s face it, people are very deceiving.

If you really want to find love in a safe and risk-free way, then a professional matchmaking service, like ours here at New Jersey Singles, will be ideal for you.  We remove the uncertainties and risks from modern day dating, allowing you to enjoy meeting like-minded singles who have been screened, vetted, and handpicked just for you!

2. Take It One Date at a Time

If you really want to survive the modern day dating scene, you must learn to take it one date at a time.  When things get overwhelming and you don’t feel like going out on one more date, take a day off.  We think everyone deserves a little breather from time to time.  So if dating is getting exhausting for you, take a break and come back refreshed.

3. Don’t Pretend to Be Someone You’re Not

You don’t have to pretend to be someone you’re not just to find love.  Don’t pretend to love books or football if you don’t.  If they can’t accept who you are, then they’re not the right person for you.  It is very important to be honest about yourself from day one or you’ll run into troubles down the road.

4. Don’t Move Too Fast

Don’t fall in love too fast but rather let the relationship progress at its own pace.  It’s easy to find yourself lusting over someone, but it’s important to remember that a meaningful relationship takes time.  It’s hard being lonely, but it’s even worse to be stuck in the wrong relationship.  In today’s modern dating world, it seems as though too many people are just interested in fast connections.  They want to find someone quick and get together right away.  Although that would be nice, it’s crucial to have a level head to move the relationship along slowly to ensure they’re fit for you.

5. Be Creative

Whether you’re a man or a woman, you need to be creative when it comes to your dates.  Don’t be afraid to show your date who you are through your date ideas and really let your creativity show.  You have hobbies and interests, so use them as date ideas.  Whether it’s planning a date around winetasting, golfing, or hiking, be creative and stand out from other dates in the past.  Showcasing yourself through your creativity will be very attractive and irresistible.

6. Be Aware

Be aware of red flags so you don’t waste time with the wrong people.  Know what qualities you desire in a partner and which ones you don’t.  If you know you don’t want to date a workaholic, or someone who goes out too much, then stay away from those people and save yourself the hassle from the beginning.

7. Have an Open Mind

Remember to be open-minded when it comes to dating, especially with the way you date.  You have tried online dating sites and mobile dating apps, you have gone on dates set up by friends and family, so why not try a matchmaking service to get to where you want to be?  Being open-minded can increase your chances of finding love.  Maybe it’s time to rethink your dating strategy and outsource your love life to a matchmaker.  This year, try to do something you haven’t done before—let one of our New Jersey Singles matchmakers take over the hard part of dating for you!

8. Be Direct

Dating can be overwhelming from time to time.  Don’t waste your time; be direct and honest.  If you’re interested in a meaningful relationship, make sure you say that form the beginning so you don’t waste your time with someone who is only looking for something causal.  You can’t afford to date people who aren’t looking for the same thing as you.  Don’t make the mistake of thinking you can change someone because, take it from us, you won’t.

9. Be Yourself

Don’t be afraid of what other people think of you.  Show them who you truly are as a person.  It’s easy to act like someone you’re not, but the truth will come out at the end of the day.  Being able to show them who you are is crucial to find a compatible match.  So many people pretend to be someone they’re not in today’s dating world.  It’s time to show your true colors from day one.  After all, why would you want to waste your time with someone who isn’t compatible with you?

10. Put the Baggage Away

Don’t carry your baggage from previous relationships into the future.  Pack it away for good and leave it in the past.  Our New Jersey Singles matchmakers know that one of the biggest turn offs in a new relationship is baggage.  Even if you think you find it easy to talk about your ex, don’t do it.  Your date will think you’re carrying past relationship baggage and will run the other way.  If you are not healed from your past relationship, take the necessary time out from dating to heal before you come back.

Before you embark on your dating journey, follow these tips from our New Jersey Singles matchmakers to make your dating life easier.

If you are having troubles finding compatible singles on your own and need a little help, contact our professional matchmakers here at New Jersey Singles Dating Service so we can assist you on your search.  Local singles join every day, so you don’t want to miss out on all we have to offer.  Call 1 (888) 417-0020 to reserve your FREE, one-on-one matchmaking consultation with our personal matchmakers here at a New Jersey Singles today!

New Jersey Singles Reviews How to Control Jealousy

At some point or another, you’ll experience jealousy in your relationship.  If it’s in moderation, it shouldn’t cause a problem.  But if the issue is ongoing and unreasonable, you run the chance of destroying your relationship very quickly.

It’s not about putting an end to your jealousy; it’s about knowing how to control it.  You are lucky to be in a relationship, you’re lucky to be experiencing love, so of course you’re going to get jealous from time to time.  As long as you’re both willing to work on the issues and make compromises for each other, jealousy shouldn’t cause the end of your relationship.

Today, New Jersey Singles reviews how to handle jealousy, before it can destroy your relationship.  Read on to find out how to properly control it so you can promote a long-lasting and healthy relationship with your partner.

dating in new jersey

1. Don’t compare your relationship to past relationships.

Being cheated on, lied to, or taken advantage of in a previous relationship can cause many people to have a bad outlook on relationships.  Maybe your partner cheated on you or lied to you about something that was important, so you now find it difficult to trust your current partner.  As professional matchmakers, we know this is unfair because your current partner hasn’t done anything to you.  You can’t punish them for mistakes someone else made in the past.

Of course your guard will always be a little higher because you’re afraid of getting hurt again, but you need to let go of the past in order to have a healthy relationship.  Don’t let your fears and doubts prevent you from having a good relationship, and never let your insecurities cause you to push your partner away.

Try to let go of any negative feelings you have from previous relationships.  There’s a reason why they didn’t work out, so it’s time to move on and enjoy what you have today.

2. Stop stalking their social media accounts.

Don’t stalk your partner online.  Really, just don’t do it.  Stalking your partner’s social media accounts can create doubts and unwarranted worries on your part.  Your stalking can quickly turn into a bad obsession, causing you to check their social media daily and question their every move.

You will start to examine everything, read into every post, check their Instagram pictures, look at their phones and even read emails.  Why?  Because you think something is going on, and the more you do it, the more normal it becomes.  As professional matchmakers, we want you to put an end to this unhealthy behavior.

You might think your partner will never find out you’re stalking them behind their back, but it will all come out sooner or later.  And once it does, they’re going to think you don’t trust them, which could put an end to your relationship.

Not many people would stay with someone who is a stalker or doesn’t trust them.  You are creating a problem that’s not even there to begin with.  If you have any suspicions, go talk to your partner instead of driving yourself nuts and stalking them.

3. Change your attitude.

If you continue to let jealousy control you, you’re going to end up pushing your partner away.  They need to know you’re in control of your jealousy issues.  Healthy couples talk about their problems, so if something is going on, make sure you let them in and work together to solve the issue.

Two people can love each other but have completely different interests, and that’s okay.  Your partner can enjoy the day with their friends while you stay at home and read a book or grab coffee with your friends.  There is no need to get jealous about that or get upset because they want to do something else on their own.  Our dating coaches know how important it is to spend time apart and enjoy partaking in your own hobbies.  In fact, it’s essential to keep a happy and healthy relationship going strong.

4. Don’t play games.

If you’re serious about this relationship, then it’s time to stop playing games.  Flirting with other people to make your partner jealous is extremely immature and can end up backfiring on you.  Instead of getting jealous, they might walk away.

If the only way to get attention from your partner is by making them jealous, that’s a huge red flag.  You need to figure out why you’re so insecure and work on it.  You can’t blame your partner for your own insecurities; that’s something you need to work on yourself.

Communication is also essential.  Maybe they take a few hours to reply to your texts.  Instead of letting it get to you, talk to them about it so they know it bothers you when they don’t respond in a timely manner.  Not everyone has their phone attached to their hip.  Maybe they’re in a work meeting or are running errands and can’t get to their phone.  Maybe your partner had it on silent and never heard it.  If you don’t talk to them about it, you’ll create a problem that was never there in the first place.

5. Take responsibility for yourself.

No one is responsible for your jealousy issues but you.  You’re the only one who is causing the problem.  Instead of putting the blame on your partner, own up to your own insecurities and work on them so you can’t put an end to your doubts.

6. Work on your insecurities.

If you see your partner talking to an attractive member of the opposite sex, don’t think they have something going on.  Your partner could simply be polite.  It’s easy to let your imagination run wild and assume they’re having an affair, but your partner chose you, which means they love you.  Don’t let your insecurities get the best of you all the time.

Start thinking about why you feel this way.  Has your partner given you any reasons to doubt them?  Have they been behaving suspiciously lately?  If they haven’t, then it’s only you.

You see attractive people of the opposite sex as competition and are afraid to lose your partner.  Yes, she is beautiful, and of course he is attractive, but that doesn’t mean your partner is going to leave you to be with them.  Don’t think that way.  It’s time to start believing that you’re worthy of their love.

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New Jersey Singles Reviews Tips to Keep Your Independence

Many people believe that you have to give up your independence when you get into a serious relationship, but here at New Jersey Singles Dating Service, we know that’s not true.

A relationship is two people coming together as one, but that doesn’t mean giving up on who you are as an individual.  On the contrary, it means staying true to yourself despite having a partner.

You can still maintain your independence in a relationship; in fact, it’s the healthiest thing you can do for your relationship.  Today, New Jersey Singles reviews how to maintain your independence while being in a committed relationship.

new jersey singles

1. Schedule Some Me Time

Me time is very important for your relationship—just as important as spending time together.  Bonding with yourself is key to staying happy in your relationship.  Make sure that you spend at least an hour or so a day doing something on your own. Whether it’s running errands of just reading a book before bed, be sure you do something on your own.

Just because you’re not spending time with your partner doesn’t mean you no longer care for them.  On the contrary, it means you’re making sure your mental health is in check so that you can flourish as an individual and the relationship can thrive.  Don’t feel bad for going on a morning walk without your partner or for reading a book instead of watching TV in the evening.

2. Do Things Together

On the opposite side of the coin, you also want to do things together.  Working as a team is a great way to strengthen your bond with one another.  You’ll be able to grow together as two strong halves as you each demonstrate your own individual skills and talents.

3. Participate in Your Hobbies

Don’t let go of your hobbies because you’re in a relationship.  You should continue to dedicate time and energy to them.  In a healthy relationship, partners support one another and encourage each other to pursue their own hobbies and interests.  Make sure you support your partner and encourage them to do their hobbies, even if you don’t like doing them yourself.

4. Have an Opinion

You need to have your own opinion, even if it differs from your partner.  It is normal not to see eye-to-eye all the time, and this isn’t anything to be feared.  Disagreeing doesn’t mean you’re not compatible.  Different opinions are quite healthy, and as long as your discussions are civil, there is nothing wrong with having and voicing your own opinions.

5. Better Your Communication

Open and honest communication is essential in your relationship.  Here at New Jersey Singles, we believe communication is the key to keeping any relationship alive and thriving.  You must talk to your partner in an open and mature way and ensure they feel free to do the same.  Communication is the best tool to combat misunderstandings.

6. Have Confidence

You have to learn to love yourself before you can love someone else, and once you accomplish that, you’ll have love all around.  It takes time to build confidence, but you need to learn how to love yourself physically and mentally.  If you don’t have confidence, you’ll be a needy partner who is constantly seeking validation from the relationship.

7. Have Passions

If you don’t have passions in life, your independence will quickly fade away, and that’s one thing you don’t want to happen in your relationship.  Just like you have hobbies and interests, you must have passions of your own.  Whether it’s a passion for helping others or a passion for arts and culture, passions are important for you independence and will make you happy as an individual.  When you’re happy, you bring vibrancy and energy to the relationship.

8. Be Financially Stable

This is for both men and women.  If you really want to be independent, you must be financially stable and able to support yourself.  You don’t want to have to rely on your partner for everything, especially not money.  It’s perfectly okay for a woman to have her own goals, especially when it comes to her career.  It is healthy and will give you a sense of pride.  Don’t be afraid to work up the career ladder and follow your passions—no relationship should stop you from that.

9. Have Regular Date Nights with Friends

Sure, you’re in a relationship and will spend a lot more time with your partner than with your friends.  But if you want to have a healthy relationship with your partner, you must also schedule regular date nights with your friends.  Your friends were always there for you, so don’t neglect them because you’re in a relationship now.

10. Spend Time with Your Family

Just as you want to spend time with your friends, you also want to nurture relationships with family members.  If you are cohabitating with your partner, you might not see your family as often as you once did.  To maintain your independence, make sure you’re spending time with your family members and encourage your partner to do the same.

11. Learn Something New

Self-development is essential for keeping your independence in your relationship.  Maybe there is a seminar coming to town or perhaps you want to learn a new cooking style, so what’s stopping you?  Nothing!  Learning something new is valuable for you as an individual and healthy for your relationship.

12. Treat Yourself

Spend money on a spa day or enjoy that fishing trip you’ve been dying to go on with your friends.  You work hard and deserve it every now and then.  Not only is it healthy, but it will be beneficial for your relationship to spend time apart from one another.

People who end up losing themselves in their relationship regret doing it later on in life.  You don’t have to lose who you are just because you’re dating someone right now.  As you can tell, maintaining your own identity is simple, as long as you follow this advice from our New Jersey Singles matchmakers.  While it’s okay to do things together, it’s also great to do things on your own.  Your personal identity is the key to keeping your relationship healthy and happy.

We hope that our New Jersey Singles reviews have helped you maintain your independence in your relationship so you and your partner can have a happy and healthy relationship that flourishes for years to come.

If you’re single and searching for love in New Jersey, let our expert matchmakers give your love life the helping hand it needs.  Call 1 (888) 417-0020 to book your FREE matchmaking consultation with one of our personal matchmakers today!

New Jersey Singles Reviews 6 Signs You’re Not Ready for Love

If you’ve been single for a while, you could be feeling lonely.  When you look around and see nothing but happy couples everywhere you go, it only adds fuel to your frustrations.  You want what everyone else has.  We get it, we know you want to find love and be in a happy relationship just like all your friends and family members.  You can’t stop yourself from thinking about finding love.  You wake up every day feeling frustrated that you can’t find it, and you’re stumped as to why it’s so hard to find a compatible partner.  You picture yourself in a perfect relationship, but you still have no idea when or how you’ll find it.

So what’s hindering your search for love?  Are all the good ones taken?  Are you the one who is preventing yourself from finding a relationship?  Maybe the reason you can’t find love is because you’re not ready for a relationship right now.  Here at New Jersey Singles, we believe that sometimes people aren’t ready for a relationship and need a small break from dating.  Maybe being single is just fine for you right now.  In fact, utilizing your time wisely while you’re single can help you land the relationship of your dreams.  Just because you dream of having what everyone else seems to have doesn’t mean you’re truly ready for a committed relationship.

Today, New Jersey Singles reviews the telltale signs you’re not ready to be in a relationship right now.  Don’t worry, your time will come.

new jersey singles reviews

1. You’re not fully over your ex.

Do you constantly compare your dates to your ex?  If so, that’s an obvious sign you’re not over them.  If you want to find love, you must first get over your ex.  Finding a new partner should be the last thing on your mind right now.  How can you start a relationship if you still have lingering feelings for someone else?

Don’t be afraid to take a small break from dating to completely get over your ex.  Remember that moving on takes time and you’re allowed to take as much time as you need to completely heal from your broken heart.

2. You’re not happy on your own.

Nothing seems to be working in life; your job, friends, family, living situation, and everything in between.  You feel depressed from the moment you wake up and can’t shake it off.  If you believe that being in a relationship is going to change all that, think again, because you’re in for the surprise of your life.

No matter how much you believe that a relationship will be your lifesaver, it won’t.  Nothing will fix the way you feel about your life but you.  If you want to change the way things are going in your life, you must work on them by yourself—for yourself.  Dating requires a positive attitude and a sincere smile, and that’s not something you can fake.  If you are unhappy with your life, do what you have to do to change it before you start dating.

3. You get jealousy too easily.

Everyone is entitled to feeling a little jealous sometimes, especially when it comes to an attractive partner or friends.  Successful friends can give us motivation to work harder in life and achieve our goals.  On the other hand, it can also make us bitter, which is a dangerous place to be.  If you get jealous of friends all the time, you’re going to let it steal your happiness away.  If you feel this way, put off dating for a while, because you’re not ready for love just yet.

You should work on yourself and try to figure out why you’re so jealous and insecure about your own life.  Someone will eventually come into your life, so don’t think you’ll be single forever.  Now is the time to work on those jealousy issues so that when that person finally comes along, you can make it last.

4. You have high expectations.

Here at New Jersey Singles, we believe that everyone should have qualities they look for in a partner.  However, if your expectations are through the roof, then you’re going to be very disappointed in your dating life.  Believe us when we tell you that you will not fall in love after a few minutes of talking to someone—sparks aren’t going to fly after locking eyes with someone from across the bar.  Why?  Because things like that only happen in the movies.  If you’re looking for a partner who looks like a model in a magazine, you’re not being realistic on your search for love.

Sometimes singles have expectations that are unrealistic, which prevents them from finding real love.  If that is the case for you, then you need to reassess your expectations so someone can fulfill them.  In short, your perfect partner doesn’t exist, but there is someone out there who is perfect for you.  Now, go write a list of all the things you want in a partner and relationship, but make sure it’s realistic.

5. You don’t put in any efforts.

The only time you go on dates is when someone else arranges it.  And even then, you don’t always put your best foot forward.  To be honest, you don’t even take dating seriously anymore.  Talking to strangers, responding to messages and emails, and answering questions on dates has become too exhausting for you and taken a major toll on your love life.

Because you’ve gone on nothing but bad dates lately, you no longer want to invest time into dating.  You would much rather spend your weekends in bed binge-watching your favorite shows.  As harsh as it is, your lack of interest and dedication is the reason why you’re single today.  There is nothing wrong with spending weekends at home to relax and reenergize, but if you’re not putting time and efforts into dating, then you can’t expect to find love.

6. Your life is chaotic.

Too many things are happening in your life.  Maybe you have a lot of work projects that are taking up most of your time, a weeklong vacation for your best friend’s wedding needs to be planned, or your lease is up at the end of the month.  Whatever is going on in your life, it’s clear that you don’t have time for dating.  When can you squeeze in a date between all these things?

If you are working hard in your career or have other important responsibilities in life that cannot be neglected, then you need prioritize to fit dating into packed calendar.  Dating requires time and efforts, and you need to dedicate yourself to it by prioritizing.

How many of these signs do you see in your life right now?  Do you think you’re ready to find love?  If you’re ready to make positive changes in your romantic life but could use an expert hand to do so, we’re eager to hear from you.  Contact our New Jersey Singles matchmakers today so we can get to know you and come up with a dating strategy that fits your lifestyle.

Our ultimate goal is to ease the dating burden, provide you with the guidance you need to stay motivated on your search for love, and to handpick dates we think are a perfect fit for you.  We take over the hard part of dating to make it more enjoyable for you.  Call 1 (888) 417-0020 to reserve your FREE matchmaking consultation with our expert matchmakers today!

New Jersey Singles Reviews Why You Can’t Meet Quality Men

After not having any luck in your dating life, you might begin to wonder what is going wrong.  But as professional matchmakers, we’re here to tell you that it might not be you after all.  Our matchmaking service, New Jersey Singles, reviews many aspects of dating, and today we’re going to dig deep into why it’s so hard for women to meet quality men in New Jersey.

There are a lot of good men out there, but just as there are good men, there are many bad ones too, making it even harder to find love.  So get ready as New Jersey Singles reviews why it can feel impossible to find a good man on your own.

new jersey singles reviews

1. They’re looking for the perfect woman.

There is a widespread epidemic in the New Jersey dating scene, one where men think they’re going to find the perfect woman.  Men today want to meet a woman who has it all—looks, body, and success—and if they don’t find it, they skip right on to the next.

2. They only want to benefit themselves.

Many men today are only after women for what they can get from them.  They don’t want to date women for love and affection but rather what they can get from a woman.  This is a huge problem for women who are looking for true love.

3. They’re never satisfied with one.

In the age of constant upgrades, being satisfied is very difficult.  With Apple coming out with a new iPhone every year, men think the same rule applies to women.  For them, it’s hard to be happy with one when there is a better one always lurking around the corner.  Men bail when they see something better come along.

4. They’re only after the chase.

Men are natural born chasers, and once they get the affection and attention of a woman, they stop out of boredom.  Our New Jersey Singles matchmakers know that men are often only after the hunt.  He enjoys the pursuit, but once he knows he has you, he doesn’t see anything wrong with moving on to the next.  After all, he’s longing for that chase.

5. All the good men are busy doing good things.

One of the biggest reasons women have a hard time meeting quality men in NJ is because quality men aren’t out and about wasting their time.  Quality men are productive members of society, making it very difficult to meet them.  Since they are so busy living their life, running into them is very difficult.

6. Some men just never change.

It’s sad but true, some men don’t change.  The majority of men you run into at happy hour, or when you’re swiping on Tinder, aren’t the type of men who are going to settle down.  If they’ve been frequenting the bars and mobile dating apps for a while, don’t expect them to change.  As professional matchmakers, we’re here to tell you that this type of guy isn’t relationship material.

7. They love taking women for granted.

Many men in the dating scene get comfortable with one woman, but when they’re out and about and notice other attractive women, they think they’re missing out on their single days.

8. They can’t handle successful women.

A lot of men see strong women as emasculating and are afraid of them.  If you are a successful and strong woman, you’re going to have a hard time meeting men on your own.  There is nothing wrong with being strong and independent, you just need to know where to date.  Here at New Jersey Singles, we have successful men who are not intimidated by successful women.  Our clients are secure and confident in themselves and admire independent women.

9. They’re afraid of commitment.

Everyone matures at their own pace.  Some men in the dating scene are afraid of commitment because they’re not mature, while others are afraid because they’ve had their hard broken.  Most people hate being vulnerable, so when you combine a broken heart with the seriousness of a relationship, it’s no surprise that many men back out.  Some men just can’t picture themselves making themselves vulnerable in a relationship and avoid commitment altogether.

10. They put more efforts into words than actions.

It’s easy to tell a woman everything she wants to hear, but it’s another to follow through with meaningful actions.  Men are very good at the talking game, especially the ones you meet at the bars.  But after dating for so long, you already know they let you down because they can never live up to what they say.

11. They’re good at pretending.

It’s so hard to find good men to date because many fakers pretend to be good men.  They kick game and act like they’re great catches, but once you get to know them, you see their true colors.  After dating for so long, it’s hard for you to tell who is good and who isn’t.

Ladies, it’s not you, it’s them.  Meeting quality men in NJ is very hard to do on your own, especially when you’re beautiful, successful, strong, and independent.

If you’re ready to meet quality men who are looking for a relationship, contact our New Jersey Singles matchmakers today and let us do the hard work of dating for you.  Fill out the private form at the top of the page to book your complimentary, one-on-one matchmaking consultation today.  Call (888) 417-0020 today to start meeting relationship-minded men in New Jersey!  You deserve true love, let us help you find it!
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☃ New Jersey Singles Reviews Cold-Weather Date Ideas ❄

Dating in the winter is completely different than dating in the summer, especially here in NJ.  Not only do you have to juggle holiday travel schedules, but now you have to deal with the brutal winter that prevents you from planning good dates.  Fortunately for you, our New Jersey Singles matchmakers have been around for many years and have come up with the solution to your winter dating blues.  Read on as New Jersey Singles reviews the ultimate cold-weather dates you don’t want to miss in winter 2017.

Winter is the perfect time to get cozy with your partner and embrace everything winter has to offer.  So get ready to heat things up and beat the NJ winter blues as New Jersey Singles reviews the ultimate cold-weather date ideas we know you’re going to love!

new jersey singles pissed consumer

1. Go to a Hockey Game

Hockey games are actually one of the best dates you can have in the winter, especially if you both like the same team.  But even if you don’t like the same team, you can still enjoy a friendly rivalry against each other, right?  Grab a hot coffee from a vendor and get cozy on the stands as you watch things heat up on the ice.  Hockey games are notorious for getting wild, so we know there won’t be a dull moment on this date.

2. Heat It Up with a Winter Bar Crawl

Want to really warm things up inside?  Then head out for a winter bar crawl.  There are so many bars offering holiday cocktails with a twist that you and your partner can enjoy.  Sip on some hot butter rum or peppermint alexanders and compare your thoughts afterwards.  This will be one boozy adventure you’ll remember winter after winter.

3. Rent a Cozy Cabin

Rent a cabin in the woods for an electronic-free weekend with your partner.  Cut some wood, throw it on the fire, roast some marshmallows, and drink some delicious hot cocoa as you cuddle up and spend quality time together.  Since this is an adult only night, bring some whiskey to take things up a notch.

4. Have a Movie Night In

Don’t settle for the boring Netflix; instead, set up an actual home theater at your place.  Make some delicious popcorn, buy all your favorite candies, and pull out your warmest blanky.  There are so many movies you can cozy up to watch, and although the holidays are over, no one can stop you from watching your favorite Christmas story and getting nostalgic all over again.

5. Go Skiing in the Mountains

You don’t have to be an expert skier to head to the Poconos with your loved one for an action-packed and romantic weekend for two, but our New Jersey Singles matchmakers congratulate you if you are!  You and your partner can take lessons together or race each other down the mountain. There are many great cabins in the Poconos where you can stay and enjoy a romantic weekend for two.

6. Go Horseback Riding

There is just something romantic about horseback riding through the crisp, cold air.  If snow is already on the ground, this will make it even better.  Similar to this date is a romantic carriage ride through the city, and don’t forget to stop at your favorite restaurant along the way.

7. Volunteer for a Cause

Show off your charitable side by helping those in need.  Whether it’s an animal shelter or a soup kitchen, there is always an organization that can use your help.  This might not sound like the most romantic date, but we can guarantee that it will make you feel good all week long.

8. Sweat It Out

The holiday season is known for its delicious food, but it’s also known for adding a few extra pounds to our bellies.  If one of your New Year’s resolutions is to lose weight and get in shape, it’s time to get sweating in the gym.  Even a dance class or a hike through the woods is a great start to get your blood flowing.  The point is to get out and get moving to get your feel good endorphins going.  This will heat things up and melt the winter blues away in no time.

9. Get Baking

Baking is a goal-oriented activity that you and your partner can do together on a Saturday night.  If you know your way around the kitchen, you can make some delicious cookies, cakes, or brownies and spoil your partner rotten.  It’s okay if some cookie dough goes missing, and don’t fret about getting all messy in the kitchen.  Hey, that’s part of the fun!

10. Have a Fondue Night

Who doesn’t love ooey gooey fondue?  This is a romantic date idea you can enjoy in the comfort of your own home.  Cut up bread cubes, sponge cake, veggies, or anything else you like and dip it into cheese or chocolate.  There you have it, dinner has been served!

The winter blues have a way of creeping up and getting the best of everyone.  But don’t worry, just follow these top 10 cold-weather date ideas from our New Jersey Singles matchmakers and you’ll find that winter in NJ isn’t so bad after all.

Are you looking for love in New Jersey?  Contact our New Jersey Singles matchmakers today so we can design a dating strategy for you.  Our expert matchmakers will help you navigate the common dating land mines and put you in the right mindset for love in 2017.  We have a database of eligible singles ready to meet you.  Are you ready to meet them?  Let us help you on your journey to love in the new year!  Call 1 (888) 417-0020 today to book your FREE consultation to get started!